Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of integrating InMobi SDK?

  • Featherlight, robust SDK with the largest brand and performance demand connections
  • Built-in Header Bidding (Audience Bidding) and Unified Auction technology
  • Easy plug-and-play integration
  • Crash analytics with proactive logging
  • Built-in ad quality controls
  • Integrated with MOAT and OM SDK viewability
  • True HD buffer-free video viewing experience

2. Which devices does InMobi support?

InMobi supports only Android and iOS devices.

3. Where can I download the InMobi SDK?

You can download the InMobi SDK for Android and iOS devices from here.

4. How do I sign up with InMobi?

You can sign up with InMobi here. If you face trouble signing up, please sign out of the account, clear your browsing data and try again. If you still face any issues, please contact

5. I need help with integrating the SDK, what do I do?

Our team is here for you 24/7. Feel free to write to or to your dedicated InMobi

6. What is the size of InMobi SDK?

InMobi’s latest SDK is robust and featherlight ensuring that your app remains unbloated and performs efficiently to deliver the best user experience. Details on the SDK specifications including its size can be found here.

7. Which frameworks does InMobi support?

InMobi currently supports Cocos2dX and Unity. Please note that we no longer support Cordova.

8. Does InMobi support VAST?

VAST is an IAB specification which defines the mechanism to render a video in a publishing environment. InMobi currently supports VAST 4.0 on different platforms.

9. Does InMobi have app guidelines that I must adhere to?

Yes, publishers who choose to work with InMobi are required to adhere to the following InMobi guidelines. If you fail to comply with these guidelines, we may disable your InMobi account.

This contract shall commence on the date on which you accept these conditions upon your registration with InMobi and shall remain in full force and effect unless and until terminated by either Party in accordance with the terms of the Contract.

10. Why is the InMobi SDK being released in Kotlin and Swift over Java and Objective C?

We have explained the reasons for opting for Kotlin and Swift in our blog.

11. What is the benefit of moving to the InMobi SDK in Kotlin and Swift?

We will be releasing our latest monetization and addressability features only on the InMobi SDK available in Kotlin and Swift SDKs from September 2023 onwards. You will not be able to access our latest features if you are on the InMobi 10.1.X SDK versions.

12. How do I migrate to the InMobi SDK 1.5.X in Kotlin and Swift?

If you are integrated with InMobi via a mediation platform, upgrade to the latest adapter provided by your mediation platform. You can find more details on our blog. If you are integrated with the InMobi SDK via direct integration, follow our migration guide for iOS and Android.

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Last Updated on: 03 Nov, 2023