Getting Started

You can find UnifID under your Identity Settings. As a complementary added-value solution, UnifID is automatically enabled for your account for monetization purposes, and all ID vendors are activated except LiveRamp. LiveRamp requires an offline privacy policy review. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this ID partner.

You only need to configure your SDK integration to go live with UnifID and the ID vendors, as shown below.

Disable UnifID Partners On Your InMobi Account

  1. To disable UnifID on your account, navigate to Inventory >> Identity settings on your InMobi publisher dashboard.
  2. Hover on the desired identity partner and click Edit Identity Settings.
  3. Turn off the blue toggle to Disable and click Update.
  4. After configuration, the Identity Partnership status changes to DISABLED. Repeat the same steps for each vendor to disable UnifID.

You can always return to the ID vendor and enable the partner again by following the same steps.

Identity Partners

UnifID is integrated with LiveRamp, ID5, LiveIntent, and Epsilon.

Supported Hashing Protocol and Mandatory Parameters

Each of these Identity Partners supports a specific hashing protocol and data parameters.


Supported Hashing Protocol

Required Data Parameters 

SHA1 or SHA256



SHA1 or SHA256

Mobile Ad ID (IDFA/AAID) or Email or Phone Number

LiveIntent SHA1 or SHA256 or MD5 Mobile Ad ID (IDFA/AAID) or Email
Epsilon SHA256 or MD5 Email

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Last Updated on: 30 Mar, 2023