Getting Started

Enable UnifID

Follow the instructions below to enable UnifID on your InMobi Account.

  1. From the left navigation, select Inventory Identity settings on your InMobi Publisher Dashboard.
  2. Select the I agree to InMobi’s terms and conditions checkbox.
  3. Click Agree & Save Settings.
  4. Select the desired identity partners and accept their individual terms and conditions. Select the Identity partner and click Proceed.
  5. Add your apps for your selected ID partner and click Proceed.
  6. Configure partner settings and accept the terms and conditions of the identity partner.
  7. Upon completion of the above configuration, the Identity Partnership status will change to ENABLED. You can add more Partner IDs by clicking on New Identity Settings.

Identity partners

As part of our phase 1 release, UnifID is integrated with Liveramp, EpsilonLiveIntent, and ID5. We have plans to onboard additional identity partners throughout the year.

You can select your chosen Identity Partner by navigating to Inventory Identity Settings. After you agree to InMobi’s T&C, select the Universal ID partner of your choice from the integrated partners available and click Proceed.

Supported Hashing Protocol and Mandatory Parameters

Each of these Identity Partners supports a specific hashing protocol and data parameters.


Supported Hashing Protocol 

Required data parameters 





Email or Phone Number 

LiveIntent SHA256 or MD5 No required parameters. Supported parameters for id creations are IDFA, GPID, or hashed email address
Epsilon SHA256 or MD5 Email address

Passing Hashed Values

  • Hash the PII data using SHA256 or MD5
  • InMobi SDK init using account ID
  • Using InMobiUserDataTypes capture the hashed PII data
  • Build the request using InMobiUserDataModel
  • Push the PII data using UnifID Push API.

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Last Updated on: 22 Jul, 2022