This topic is intended for publishers who want to integrate InMobi as a demand source on third-party mediation platforms like Mopub, Google, Ironsource, Max, and so on. You can integrate Banner, Interstitial, Native, and Video ad formats (supported by InMobi) on the below mediation platforms. If you instead wish to use the InMobi mediation platform, we would recommend getting started here.


Download InMobi SDK here and get started with an InMobi account here

Mediation Platforms Supported

Mediation Platform Integration Documentation
MoPub (SDK 5.16.0) iOS | Android
Google AdMob iOS | Android
ironSource Visit
Applovin/Max Visit
Appodeal Visit
Fyber Visit

Unity Plugin 

Mediation Platform Integration Documentation
MoPub Visit
Google AdMob Visit


You must use the MediaView asset instead of the ImageView asset to include a main image asset in the layout for your native ad.

We would highly recommend following the partner integration guidelines to know more about the specific mediation partner or adding InMobi as a demand source and setting up placements for mediation.

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Last Updated on: 07 Sep, 2021