Frequently Asked Questions

This section takes you through questions on the mediation platforms we support. Using mediation, you can send ad requests to multiple ad sources, including InMobi, and ensure that you have the best available demand partners to fill the ad requests.

1. Can I add InMobi to other mediation platforms?

Oh yes, Absolutely! InMobi supports major mediation platforms like Google AdMob, AppLovin's MAX, Unity LevelPlay, and Digital Turbine, to name the major ones. For directions on integrating each mediation provider, see our integration guidelines page.

2. What are the best practices for ad mediation?

Here’s a quick guide on some of the best practices in ad mediation.

3. Where can I download the InMobi SDK required to work with Google, MoPub, or other mediation platforms?

Visit the Download SDK page to get the latest iOS or Android SDK or learn more about third-party ad mediation platforms supported by InMobi here.

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Last Updated on: 15 Dec, 2022