ATT and iOS 14

Apple announced major IDFA-related changes in iOS 14.5 at WWDC 2020, which came into effect on 26th April with the rollout of the AppTrackingTransparency framework.

Apple requires apps to use the AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework if they collect data about users and share it with other companies for the purpose of tracking users across apps and websites.

The ATT framework works by displaying a tracking authorization request to the user on the app. The tracking authorization status is then transmitted based on the user's privacy choice.

InMobi is compliant with the ATT framework, in iOS 14 and versions above, to retrieve users' authorization preferences. For more information about ATT, click here.

To help publishers get ready for iOS 14, we have compiled a quick checklist for you:

  1. Integrate the latest InMobi SDK: The latest InMobi SDK is compatible with iOS 14 and supports SKAdNetwork. You can download the iOS and Android SDKs here.
  2. Enable SKAdNetwork attribution solution: The SKAdNetwork API is a privacy-focused attribution mechanism developed by Apple for advertisers to measure app installs in a privacy-centric manner in iOS 14 and the versions above. Enabling SKAdNetwork is highly encouraged for monetizing with the InMobi Exchange as it allows our DSP partners to credit your inventory for app installs. We would recommend that you go through the iOS 14 specification document to understand details on integration and attribution requirements under the new guidelines from Apple. Click here.
  3. Update your app’s info.plist with SKAdNetwork IDs: We have made changes to InMobi SDK and our programmatic pipes to support the SKAdNetwork attribution flow. Publishers, however, have to add the list of SkAdNetwork IDs provided by each SSP (on behalf of the DSP partners) to their info.plist file to support attribution via SKAdNetwork. You can access the list of SKAN IDs with either of these two links:
  4. Personalize your app’s prompt message for Apple’s App Tracking Transparency: Testing is key and we have put together some best practices to help you maximize opt-in rates here.
  5. Read our iOS 14 Guide: Parallelly, we have been talking to our partners to study the implications of iOS 14. This demand-side and the supply-side guide explain our point of view on what to expect from the ecosystem at large and what we are planning for our roadmap to align our partners’ success. Click here.

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Last Updated on: 30 Aug, 2021