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Payment Settings

To receive your payments from InMobi, you must update your company details and payment information. Prerequisites for Publisher Payouts (in the given order) include:

  1. Entering verified billing information.
  2. Selecting a preferred mode of payment.
  3. Uploading tax documents (if needed)
  4. Setting a minimum payment threshold.

Update Payment Information

You must enter your company information and billing address to verify your identity. Follow these instructions to update your payment information.

  1. From the left navigation panel, select Finance Payment Settings  Payment Information.
  2. Enter the required details.

Manage Payouts

InMobi follows a payout cycle of 60 days. This means that your earnings for a given month will be credited to you at the end of the 60-day payout cycle.

For payments to be made to you, you must add a mode of payment. You can receive your payouts via Electronic Fund Transfer or PayPal. Perform the following steps to add your preferred mode of payment:

  1. From the left navigation panel, select Finance Payment Settings Payout Settings.
  2. Before adding a payment account, select a payment country.
  3. Click Add a payment account.
  4. Enter your Bank Details or connect your PayPal account as your preferred mode of payment.

You can add more than one payment account. However, only one of the payment accounts can be set as the primary bank account. Payouts will be processed to the Primary Payment Account selected.

Upload Tax Forms

The tax forms need to be uploaded depending on the payment country. If the Payment Country is India, GST details need to be entered.

If the Payment Country is Japan / South Korea, VAT/TIN details need to be entered.

If the Payment Country is the USA, IRS tax forms need to be entered.

To know more about the IRS tax forms types, please refer to the table below:




An entity or individual resident in the US for tax purposes.  


Not relevant for entities. Only for individual who is not a tax resident in the US and is the beneficial owner of income.  


An entity that is not a resident within the US for tax purposes  

Minimum Payment Threshold

We can process payments once your cumulative earnings exceed the minimum payment threshold set. The threshold range must be between $300 - $10000.

Viewing Earnings History

The My Earnings sub-tab contains information on your earnings and payouts made by InMobi to your account. You can check the estimated earnings for the current month, the estimated balance due, total payouts made to date, and more.

  • Earnings: This allows you to check your latest earnings and upload monthly invoices.
  • Payouts: List of the payouts made by InMobi to your payment account.

To view your transaction history, go to Finance My Earnings.

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Last Updated on: 09 Mar, 2022