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InMobi is a real-time bidder on MAX, the in-app header bidding platform from AppLovin. This guide explains how you can display ads from InMobi for your inventory being monetized on MAX.


Ensure the following before you get started with this integration:

  • You need to have an account on MAX.
  • MAX is bundling the InMobi SDK along with its core SDK. A separate integration is not needed. Ensure you upgrade to the latest MAX SDK.
  • Sign a contract with InMobi.
  • Minimum MAX SDK Version: 9.12.3 (Android), 6.12.3 (iOS).
  • Ad Formats Supported: Banner, Interstitial, Video (any format), and Native.


To get your account and inventory up and running on the InMobi Publisher Dashboard, follow the instructions give below:

Step 1: Set up your InMobi Account: For more information on how to set up your InMobi account, see Create InMobi Account.

Step 2: Add Apps and Placements on InMobi Publisher Dashboard: If you are adding apps and placements for the very first time, see Add Your App or Website.

If your apps have been added and you would like to create new placements specifically for MAX, follow the instructions below:

  1. Search for the app or website you would like to create a placement for and click + Add a placement.
  2. Select an ad unit. For more information on our ad units, see Ad Units.
  3. Name your placement and enable Audience Bidding by turning the toggle on. Select Applovin MAX from the Partner dropdown.
  4. Click Create Placements.

Add InMobi on MAX Dashboard

After you are done setting up your account and inventory on InMobi, the next steps would be to add InMobi as a bidder on the MAX dashboard, followed by mapping the created placements as illustrated below:

You can find your InMobi account ID on the InMobi Publisher Platform under Finance Payment Settings Payment Information.

The InMobi Placement ID is present under the placement name as illustrated in the screenshot below.

For more information, see InMobi Integration Guide.

Integration Checklist for Native

  • Integrate the MAX SDK and the MAX-InMobi adaptor. The minimum SDK and adaptor versions supporting native for InMobi are for iOS and for Android. You must remember that the InMobi SDK is already a part of the MAX SDK. You don’t need to integrate the InMobi SDK additionally.
  • Use the main image in your native ad to ensure seamless impression tracking. The ad doesn't count impressions if the main image is not used in the native ad.
  • We support a default image size with the aspect ratio 256:165 (or ~ 3:2). Let us know if you support any other aspect ratio.
  • We support the small, medium, and manual templates for native ads on MAX. Small/medium are pre-fixed templates, while the manual template allows you to customize the native ad as per your feed. For more information, check out the following links:

iOS: Integration Guide | Enabling Manual Native Ads | Enabling Small/Medium Template

Android: Integration Guide | Enabling Manual Native Ads | Enabling Small/Medium Template

If you have any questions, you can contact your Customer Success Manager at InMobi or write to for assistance.

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Last Updated on: 14 Feb, 2023