Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Account

1. I am a publisher, how do I create my first ad with InMobi?

Getting started with InMobi is quick and easy. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to begin with.

You might come across the following terms while you set up the account on the InMobi platform. We would recommend that you go through the same so that you are comfortable navigating our platform.

  • Username: Any name that can uniquely identify you to your InMobi account
  • Account ID: A unique identifier for your account with InMobi. Select the drop-down next to your username to view your account id.
  • Placement ID: A unique identifier for the placement unit you create on the InMobi platform. To find your app Placement Id: select Monetize from the top navigation header, then select the relevant app from your list. The placement Id will be available to you in a dialog box.
  • Payment ID: A unique ID generated at the account level after payment details are updated. To locate, select the drop-down next to your user name.

2. What should I do to activate my account?

Welcome aboard, we strongly recommend the following checks for account activation:

  • The KYC and Payment details are mandatory. Ensure it is updated at the account level without which the account will not be activated resulting in failure of traffic.
  • Your app must be published in Google Play, iTunes, or Kindle store with a valid URL to be approved. The sites will automatically be put on hold/rejected if a URL is missing.

3. How long does it take for my account to be approved?

The account takes 24-48 hours to be approved.

4. How do I add users to my InMobi account?

You may add up to 3 users per account. To add users:

In the InMobi dashboard, select Account Settings > User Manage > Invite user > Set Permissions accordingly.

5. How do I recover my account password?

Please go to the account recovery page and enter your login credentials to reset your password.

Creating Placements

1. How do I set a floor price for my placements?

We will take care of this task for you! The floor prices are set by the Partner manager/support team for the placements created on the InMobi dashboard. If you have questions regarding the same, please contact your dedicated partner manager or write to

2. How do I start testing ads?

The following steps will help you test ads at your end without any assistance. We would recommend that you pause for a moment and go through the same carefully.

If you are integrating an ad unit for the first time: Set Test Mode to Global ON
If you want to selectively turn on test traffic for a set of devices:

If you already have a prior version of the SDK integrated for this particular ad unit, you should restrict your testing to only a few devices.

Set Test Mode to Selective ON. Under the Device section:
  1. In the Device ID box, type the device ID
  2. In the Device Name box, set any name.
  3. Click Add Device to add the test device.

NOTE: If you already have a device configured, select the device for the test mode to be enabled.


Once you are done testing, please ensure that the TEST MODE is turned OFF so that you can start sending the ad requests to the network.

3. I am still not able to test ads, what do I do?

Please reach out to your InMobi partner manager or support at Kindly provide the following information if you choose to write to our support team:

  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher Account ID
  • Publisher Mail ID
  • Placement ID
  • Details of the issue

4. What ad formats does InMobi support?

InMobi’s SDK supports banners, graphical interstitials, video interstitials (skippable and non-skippable), rewarded ads, and native ads as per the IAB guidelines.

Still, confused? No problem. Refer to our blog which has helped our publishers explore the magic with InMobi.


1. What is InMobi’s payment terms?

InMobi’s publishers will be paid on Net 60 terms. The monthly earnings of a publisher against an account will be paid provided the account qualifies to be paid within 60 days of the end of that month

Example: Publisher earnings in the month of January (January 1st- 31st) will be made in the month of April of the same year.

2. What is InMobi’s payment frequency?

InMobi follows the monthly payment frequency for all publishers.

3. How do I create a payment profile?

Publishers are required to adhere to the following steps:

  • Create a PayPal profile
  • Create an Online Bank Transfer profile
  • Activate your Payment profile

4. What are the modes of payment?

Option 1: Electronic Fund Transfer to a system verified bank account

InMobi can pay accrued publisher earnings, subject to qualification, by Electronic Funds Transfer. To do this, the details of your bank account where payment is to be received should be verified on the InMobi portal.

  • Note for Countries outside India: For bank accounts in countries other than India, to qualify for payments by electronic funds transfer, the accrued unpaid earning need to exceed USD 300.
  • Note for India: For electronic funds transfers to bank accounts in India, the accrued unpaid earning need to exceed USD 50 to qualify.

Option 2: Paypal Transfer to verified Paypal accounts

InMobi can pay accrued publisher earnings, subject to qualification, through PayPal. To do this, the PayPal profile where payment is to be received should be verified on the InMobi portal.

  • Note for Countries outside India: To qualify for payments through PayPal, the accrued unpaid earning needs to exceed USD 50. The minimum threshold to make payments through PayPal is independent of the country in which the PayPal beneficiary resides, or where the profile was created.
  • Note for India: Publishers from India cannot be paid using PayPal.


All unpaid earnings will roll over to the next payment cycle and come up for qualification again, wherein the accrued earnings shall be compared against the minimum amount. For further queries, please write to payroll.

5. Should publishers registered with InMobi in India generate an invoice?


This is applicable only for publishers registered in India.

Publishers registered in India are required to raise an invoice in INR addressed to the InMobi Bangalore office using the fixed rate for the month along with a hard copy of the invoice addressed to your dedicated partner manager.

Mailing Address:
InMobi, 7th Floor, Delta Block, Embassy Tech Square, Varthur Hobli,
Kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore - 560103

6. How do I view my earnings history?

Please follow the below steps to view your earning history

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the drop-down next to your username.
  • Select Earnings.
  • Earnings History is available daily/weekly/monthly using the Select Date Range feature.
  • Download Transaction History to a CSV or Excel file by clicking the export icon.


The maximum amount you can enter here is the value of your current pending earnings.

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