Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the InMobi data centers located?

Our datacenters are in US East and Singapore.

2. Which oRTB version is preferred?

Our RTB platform supports the standards set by OpenRTB Version 2.5.

3. Does InMobi oRTB server support site or app objects?

InMobi oRTB server currently supports both app objects and site objects. Please reach out to your customer success manager for any queries.

4. Can a publisher send a bidfloor in the ad request?

Yes, publishers can send bidfloor to denote the minimum bid for an impression, expressed in CPM.

5. What are the ad formats supported by InMobi oRTB platform?

We currently support banner, video, interstitial, and native ad formats. Please reach out to your respective customer success manager for updates.

6. What is the expected latency for InMobi to respond with a bid?

InMobi abides by the tmax value provided by a publisher in the bid request. The ideal time to send a bid response would range between 400 - 500 milliseconds. This time range includes internet latency and is needed to maximize the bid rates offered.

7. What are the pre-requisites for a publisher to activate integrations?

The publisher needs to ensure the following:

  1. Have a signed contract with InMobi
  2. Have a valid account on InMobi website
  3. Create an app placement on InMobi website
  4. Reach out to your customer success manager for the activated placement ids

Once the above steps are complete, the publisher can start sending ad requests to the oRTB endpoint. The request should have the placement id in imp.tagid field and should follow the norms as per the oRTB guidelines. Reach out to your customer success manager for more details.

8. Does the UI report net revenue?

Yes, our UI reports net revenue.

9. Does InMobi send Net bids or Gross bids?

InMobi sends net bids I.e the net payable to partner/publisher. Partner/publisher need not make any further deductions/calculations.

10. Are Placement IDs required for an oRTB connection?

Placement IDs are mandatory and need to be created on InMobi’s website/interface. Please reach out to your customer success manager for more details.

11. What auction type is supported by InMobi?

InMobi supports First Price Auction only.

12. What is InMobi’s approach to the GDPR?

The oRTB platform is GDPR compliant and supports boolean consent, TCF v1.1, TCF v2.0, TCF 2.1, & TCF 2.2 consent strings. However, the publisher needs to pass the string into user.ext.consent as per the OpenRTB guidelines mentioned above.

13. Does oRTB support SKAdNetwork?

Yes, we do support SKAdNetwork 2.0. For more information, see BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn (InMobi supports SKAdNetwork 2.0 only). Additionally, you can send unhashed device IDFV (Identifier for Vendors) as device.ext.idv. Please refer to the oRTB guidelines or reach out to your customer success manager for more details. 

14. What is the Global Vendor List ID for InMobi?

InMobi's Global Vendor List ID is 333 (TCF V2.0 Operational).

15. Which type of blocked traffic do you support?

We do not support any real time ad blocking i.e. changes to your blocked ads list will not be updated in real-time and immediately removed from your app. However, publishers can provide us the block list and we can update it on InMobi portal.

16. Does InMobi’s oRTB support multiple bid responses/requests?

We do not support the following:

  1. multiple bid requests
  2. multiple bid responses

If you have any questions or require further clarity on the integration specifications, please reach out to your InMobi Customer Success Manager or write to us at

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Last Updated on: 21 Feb, 2024