Getting Started

The InMobi RTB platform follows the standards set by OpenRTB Version 2.5.


  • You can use the following endpoint to communicate your OpenRTB ad requests: Endpoint URL: https://api.w.inmobi.com/ortb
  • To enable forwarding of DSP-specific cookie identifiers to our demand partners, the mobile web publishers must hit our sync pixel endpoint and pass the returned ID in subsequent ad requests to InMobi in 'user.buyeruid' attribute. Sync Pixel endpoint URL (only for Mobile Web): https://sync.inmobi.com/oRTB
  • InMobi only accepts requests sent over a secure HTTPS connection.


The purpose of this section is to provide you the information and guidelines to implement an OpenRTB integration with InMobi. This document lays out ad requests, response structures, object specifications, and request parameters specific to InMobi. For more information, see OpenRTB API Specification V2.5.

If you have any questions or require further clarity on the integration specifications, you can reach out to your InMobi Customer Success Manager or write to us at developer@inmobi.com.

Version History

Version Number


Release Date


First version of InMobi OpenRTB 2.5 Specifications (for Supply Partners)



Additions to the oRTB 2.5 specification

  • Support for the NATIVE object in the bid request and bid response. Turn to ‘Section 4’ for more details.
  • Support for SKAdNetwork 2.0
  • Support for OMID using API [7]
  • Supply Chain Object
  • Support Site Objects


3.0 Additions to the oRTB 2.5 specification
  • Support for SKAdNetwork 2.2
  • Support Blocked Categories and Domains

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