Google’s Open Bidding

InMobi is an ad source for in-app bidding with Google. This integration is available to publishers using both Google Ad Manager (GAM) and Google AdMob as the primary ad server. This guide explains how you can display ads from InMobi for your inventory being monetized on Google via bidding.


Ensure the following before you get started with this integration:

  • You need to have an account on GAM or AdMob.
  • SDK integration is not required. InMobi connects with Google using an OpenRTB integration.
  • Sign a contract with InMobi.
  • Ad Formats Supported: Banner, Interstitial, Video (any format).

Configure on InMobi Publisher Dashboard

If you would like to get started, our Customer Success Managers are here to help you with setup and configuration. Email us at for more information.

To get your account and inventory up and running on the InMobi Publisher Dashboard, follow the instructions give below:

Step 1: Set up your InMobi Account: For more information on how to set up your InMobi account, see Create InMobi Account.

Step 2: Add Apps and Placements on InMobi Publisher Dashboard: If you are adding apps and placements for the very first time, see Add Your App or Website.


  • Add only those apps which need to be monetized via Google.
  • Create only one placement per ad format.

If your apps have been added and you would like to create new placements specifically for bidding on Google, follow the instructions below:

  1. Search for the app or website you would like to create a placement for and click + Add a placement.
  2. Select an ad unit. For more information on our ad units, see Ad Units.
  3. Name your placement and enable Audience Bidding by turning the toggle on. Select Google Open Bidding from the Partner dropdown.
  4. Click Create Placements.

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Last Updated on: 21 Aug, 2021