Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Identity vendors are live with InMobi for the UnifID solution?

We are currently integrated with LiveRamp, ID5, LiveIntent, and Epsilon. We are in talks with other leading identity partners, which will go live soon.

2. What would be InMobi’s role in handling the hashed PII data?

Based on our agreement with the publishers, we may or may not monetize the hashed PII data (i.e. storage of data or enrichment). This means that in few use cases, InMobi will act solely as an identity manager with no interest to monetize the hashed data. In this scenario, data will be only collected and passed to the Universal ID partners without any storage of data. However, in few extended use cases and in agreement with the publisher, InMobi would also act as a data controller and would store data for enrichment purposes. You can reach out to your CSM for any additional details.

3. How do I let other exchanges/SDK's use these UIDs?

These UIDs are open ids and are publisher-owned. This means that access to these IDs can be granted to publishers as well as other ad tech eco-system players. However, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Enable legal and privacy agreements with parties who want to get access to UIDs. (If required and as per vendor and publisher agreements)
  • Expose SDK API’s and documentation around ID service usage

4. Will UnifID help in targeting non-consented users when iOS 14 ATT framework goes live?

No, UnifID works with only consented data and adheres strictly to the User Privacy and Data Guidelines of Apple. This means that if a user doesn’t want to be tracked basis the ATT framework, UnifID will respect that and not process any user-specific data 

5. Is pub monetization expected to increase because of working with UnifID?

UnifID as a platform that helps supercharge the consented inventory making it highly monetizable for the publisher and super valuable for the advertiser so it expected that the monetization will go up.

If you have any additional questions, please write to your dedicated customer success manager.

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Last Updated on: 29 Mar, 2023