Testing Instructions

The request to the UnifID endpoint will not be made during the first session. From the next application start/session, the request is sent to the UnifID endpoint with the identity payload. Unifi ID endpoint:

Testing using Fetch( ) API

The quickest way to test the UnifID integration is to use InMobi Unifid Fetch API and implement its callback.

fetchUnifiedIds(delegate: UnifiedIdInterface):

The callback will have identities details in JSON Object/dictionary.

Sample Response

"ufids": [{
"src": "Liveramp",
"envelope": "ApLA0JHjsUo3sCSO6NeT6i87P6eVAYuskookH7tFd-bknddGiOAeyXR9nUK8io0VaR5f32DDHMIEFYZfmo7KenUacv_hhZwxFA",
"expiry": 1619170252591
}, {
"src": "ID5",
"signature": "ID5_AUaTt3TDEeoZCyJsqeC1fIL9E-Jl675HrwbJ-0--n47mq_QPpFh6uK79MIGGbbejZGlOawA48-4A3o7fTBRpRNs",
"envelope": "eyJjcmVhdGVkX2F0IjoiMjAyMS0wNC0yMlQwOTozMDo1Mi41MThaIiwiaWQ1X2NvbnNlbnQiOiJ0cnVlIiwic2lnbmF0dXJlIjoiSUQ1X0FVYVR0M1RERWVvWkN5SnNxZUMxZklMOUUtSmw2NzVIcndiSi0wLS1uNDdtcV9RUHBGaDZ1Szc5TUlHR2JiZWpaR2xPYXdBNDgtNEEzbzdmVEJScFJOcyIsIm9yaWdpbmFsX3VpZCI6IklENS1aSE1PajBUWUpaM0toX2xpLVcwTXVkS2hTXzFzVTlJeUtrVVJJV2tUN3chIiwidW5pdmVyc2FsX3VpZCI6IklENS1aSE1PajBUWUpaM0toX2xpLVcwTXVkS2hTXzFzVTlJeUtrVVJJV2tUN3chIiwibGlua190eXBlIjoiMCJ9",
"expiry": 1619170252591

Testing using Charles tool

Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that lets developers view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. Follow Charles' instructions to install an SSL certificate on the Android emulator or mobile device.

Please refer to the below documentation on how to set up the Charles tool:


The logs below are gathered after the first session or launch of the application and must enable SSL proxy.

Launch your app and look for HTTP requests for unifiedID endpoint in the Charles log. Please refer to the below snapshot. If the integration is correct then, in the response body you’ll have the identity envelope with an expiry date.

Unified Endpoint: https://unif-id.ssp.inmobi.com/fetch

Make an ad request to InMobi and check for the URL: https://ads.inmobi.com. In the response body, check for the header ‘ufid’.  If integration is successful, you’ll see the same identity.

Error Codes

Error Codes Description
NETWORK_FAILURE_AND_NO_LOCAL_DATA_PRESENT Fetching the Unified IDs from ID Service has failed, and no unified ids are present in the cache.  
UNIFIED_SERVICE_IS_NOT_ENABLED If unifiedID Service is not enabled, contact your respective partner manager.
USER_HAS_OPTED_OUT The user has opted out of tracking.
PUSH_NEEDS_TO_BE_CALLED_FIRST Push API needs to call before fetch.
NO_LOCAL_DATA_PRESENT No local data is present.

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