Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

Programmatic Guaranteed with InMobi

You can now enable exclusive Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) deals for your highly valuable inventory with premium buyers via InMobi. PG combines the revenue assurance achieved through direct sales with the speed and efficiency of programmatic.

In case you are unfamiliar with PG, PG is a popular programmatic selling model that involves a publisher committing to a minimum volume of impressions for a pre-fixed eCPM price from an exclusive buyer, with the final execution occurring programmatically.

Enable PG Deals

The minimum requirements for activating a PG deal with InMobi are: You need to be using Google Ad Manager (GAM) as your primary ad server. Integrate via VAST tags or InMobi SDK. The integration type and ad formats supported depend on the primary ad server being used. Please refer to the table below for more details:




Full-Screen Video 

Rewarded Video 

In-Stream Video 


Google Ad Manager (via  
S2S VAST Tags) 








PG is currently not supported via InMobi SDK on Google Ad Manager.

PG Deal Workflow

To understand how the PG deal workflow with InMobi works, please read the steps explained below:

  1. Port your existing PG deal over to InMobi.
  2. Sets up a high priority line item on your ad server and enter the targeting criteria (as per the deal).
  3. Create a PG deal on InMobi Publisher Dashboard for the corresponding placement ID. If you are using GAM, a VAST URL gets generated that needs to be configured on the primary ad server.
  4. The ad server calls InMobi via the VAST tag (for GAM) or calls the InMobi SDK and provides InMobi with access to the line item.
  5. The targeting criteria are applied on either the ad server or in InMobi. In the case of the latter, InMobi forwards the request to the selected DSP with the respective deal ID only when the request meets the deal targeting criteria.
  6. A private auction with the selected DSP takes place to respond back with an ad. The buyer fills the inventory at a pre-negotiated price and fills rate.
  7. InMobi forwards the response back to the ad server. The final rendering is done by the primary ad server in the case of GAM.

Line-Item Creation on Primary Ad Server

Before you create a deal on the InMobi Publisher Dashboard, you will have to create a high-priority line item on your GAM dashboard. We have outlined the broad steps to be followed to create a high priority line item below:

Google Ad Manager (GAM)

  1. Create a new line item of type Sponsorship.
  2. Add all targeting parameters against the line item.
  3. Add creative of type VAST – Redirect.
  4. Add the VAST tag received from InMobi.

For more information on how to generate VAST tags for GAM, see GAM Dashboard Setup for PG Deals with InMobi.

Deal Creation on InMobi Publisher Dashboard

To create a new PG deal on the InMobi UI, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the InMobi publisher dashboard.
  2. Create a new placement for the PG deal. Click here to know how to set up a new placement.
  3. From the left navigation panel, select Inventory Settings Deals.
  4. Click Create New Deal.
  5. Enter the required deal details, inventory details, and targeting details.
  6. Click Save Deal.


  • Create a new InMobi placement and create a new line item in GAM for that placement.
  • You can view or edit a deal on the main listing page by hovering over the deal and clicking at the end of the row.

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