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The mobile programmatic landscape is evolving at a fast pace and so are the ways in which publishers and app developers are looking to monetize their inventory. One of the solutions that are gaining popularity is Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), allowing publishers to reserve part of their inventory and directly set up private deals at a pre-fixed eCPM price with selected buyers.

Publishers can enable Programmatic Guaranteed deals for their inventory through the InMobi Publisher Dashboard. The deals can be activated for different mobile ad formats such as banner, interstitial, and rewarded video, either via SDK integration or VAST tags for in-stream video ads.


  1. The publisher must use Google Ad Manager (GAM) as their ad server.
  2. Publishers must be willing to integrate via VAST tags or InMobi SDK.

The following table lists the supported ad formats:




Full-Screen Video  

Rewarded Video  

In-Stream Video  


Google Ad Manager (via   
S2S VAST Tags)  







To get a PG deal live, publishers need to create a line item on their ad server (GAM) and, as a second step, create the PG deal entries on the InMobi Publisher Dashboard.

Creating a line item on the supported Ad Server

Google Account Manager (GAM)

  1. Create a new line item of type Sponsorship.
  2. Add all targeting parameters against the line item.
  3. Add creative of type VAST – Redirect.
  4. Add the VAST tag received from InMobi.

Creating a PG Deal on InMobi Publisher Dashboard

To create a new PG deal, follow these instructions.

  1. Log in to the InMobi publisher dashboard.
  2. From the left navigation, select Inventory Settings Deals.
  3. Click Create New Deal.
  4. Enter the required deal details, inventory details, and targeting details.
  5. Click Save Deal.

This is what a sample deal looks like on completion.

You can view or edit a deal on the main listing page by hovering over the deal and clicking the options icon at the end of the row.

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Last Updated on: 07 Sep, 2022