The VCDPA (Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act), which came into effect on 1st January 2023, is a privacy law applicable only to residents of the state of Virginia. This means businesses worldwide must comply with the VCDPA law if they wish to continue processing the personal data of Virginia residents. For more information, see The Lowdown On VCDPA: Everything You Need To Know.

How to Get Compliant

To become compliant with VDCPA, you ensure to:

  • Inform your consumers in Virginia of their VCDPA rights through a reasonably accessible and clear privacy policy,
  • Acquire consent to process sensitive personal data, including precise geolocation and children's personal data,
  • Share only valid consented data with ad partners,
  • Provide a clear link to users to opt out of processing personal data for targeted advertising, sale or profiling purposes,
  • Provide the above, and rely on a mechanism to honor consumer requests.

Opt-out Mechanism

You can indicate to InMobi and their ad tech partners when a Virginia resident opts out of interest-based advertising using the do_not_sell flag at the request level. The same applies to our mediation partners and supported header bidding solutions.

The indication of user opt-out should be handled through the do_not_sell flag by setting its value to true or false:

  • if a user opts out of interest-based advertising, set the do-not-sell flag to true.
  • if a user does not opt out of interest-based advertising, set the do-not-sell flag to false. If not set, the default value is false.

You can set this flag at a request level as follows:



Var interstitial = IMInterstitial(placementId: placementID, delegate: delegate) 
var extras = ["do_not_sell": <* Int value of CPRA Flag*>] 
interstitial?.extras = extras


IMInterstitial *interstitial = [[IMInterstitial alloc] initWithPlacementId: placementId delegate: delegate]; 
NSMutableDictionary *extras = [NSMutableDictionary new]; 
[extras setObject:<*NSNumber value of do_not_sell Flag*>  forKey: @"do_not_sell"]; 
    interstitial.extras = extras;



InMobiInterstitial interstitialAd = new InMobiInterstitial(InterstitialAdsActivity.this, placementID, 
HashMap extras = new HashMap<String, String>(); 
extras.put("do_not_sell", "<String from do_not_sell Flag> 1 : 0"); 


import InMobiSDK
val interstitialAd = InMobiInterstitial(this@InterstitialAdsActivity, placementID, 
var extras = HashMap<String, String>() 
extras["do_not_sell"] = "<String from do_not_sell Flag> 1 : 0" 

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