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Integrating the InMobi SDK with MoPub is easy. You can refer to the following links for integration instructions:

MoPub mediation supports the following ad types:

  • Banner
  • Medium - Banner
  • Fullscreen (Interstitial, Full-screen Video Ads)
  • Rewarded Video
  • Native
  • Custom Size

Note: InMobi supports all the ad units above except for Custom Size. In our experience, the goals that a publisher can achieve via Custom Size can easily be achieved via one of the other formats.

The latest version of InMobi SDK supports iOS 9 and later. Also, this version of iOS SDK requires XCode 9.3 and later.

The latest version of InMobi SDK supports Android OS versions 4.0.3 (API level 15) and later.

Version iOS - 8.2.0
Android - 8.2.1
iOS - 7.3.2
Android - 7.3.0
Size iOS - 953 KB (.IPA Inflation)
Android - 415 KB (.APK Inflation)
iOS - 650 KB (.IPA Inflation)
Android - 395 KB (.APK Inflation)
SDK Links

If you have not integrated with MoPub before, you can refer to MoPub documentation.