AppLovin MAX (iOS)


Follow these simple instructions to set up InMobi as an ad network on MAX Mediation for the waterfall, in-app header bidding, or both.


  • You must have an account on MAX.
  • Upgrade to the latest MAX SDK and use the correct adapter. Since InMobi SDK is bundled with MAX SDK, you don't need to carry out a separate integration.
  • Sign a contract with InMobi.

Supported Ad Formats

Banner, Interstitial, Video (any format), and Native.

Waterfall Mediation

Use the MAX Certified Adapter to enable InMobi via waterfall on MAX Mediation. For more information, see InMobi Integration Guide on the AppLovin MAX Documentation Portal.

In-app Header Bidding

Use the MAX Certified Adapter to enable InMobi via in-app header bidding on MAX. For more information, see InMobi's bidding on AppLovin MAX documentation.

Hybrid Monetization on MAX: Bidding and Waterfall

InMobi now supports a hybrid monetization setup for publishers interested in testing and monetizing the same app and ad unit via bidding and waterfall. This is made possible using two separate adapters for bidding and waterfall, as listed below:

  • Bidding: Use the MAX Certified Adapter.
  • Waterfall: Use the MAX Custom Adapter.

Copy the customized CocoaPods code below to your Podfile:

# Sources  
source ''  
# Settings  
# Pods  
target 'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME' do  
   pod 'AppLovinSDK'  
   pod 'InMobiSDK', '10.1.2' 
   pod 'AppLovinMediationInMobiAdapter'  # for bidding 
   pod 'ALInMobiCustomAdapterFramework'# for Waterfall  


Ensure that both the certified and custom adapter point to the same InMobi SDK version. The minimum supported InMobi SDK version for the custom adapter is 10.1.2. Minimum supported MAX SDK version for the custom adapter: is 11.6.0.

Bidding via Certified Adapter Integration

To use bidding in the hybrid monetization setup, follow the same steps as bidding-only setup. For more information on In-app Header Bidding, see InMobi's bidding on AppLovin MAX documentation.

Waterfall via Custom Network Adapter Integration

Follow the instructions below to enable InMobi via waterfall in the hybrid monetization setup using the custom network adapter integration explained in the Custom SDK Network Integration Guide by MAX.

  1. Add Custom SDK Network Settings:
    1. In the MAX Dashboard, select MAX > Mediation > Manage > Networks and click the Click here to add a Custom Network button. The Create Custom Network page appears.
    2. Add the information about your custom network and click Save:
      • Network Type: Select SDK.
      • Name: Enter the name of your custom network.
      • iOS Adapter Class Name: Enter the class name of your custom network adapter class (i.e., ALInMobiCustomMediationAdapter).
      • Android Adapter Class Name: Enter the fully-qualified class name of your custom network adapter class (i.e., com.inmobi.adapters.applovin.ALInMobiCustomMediationAdapter).
  2. Enable the Custom SDK Network
    1. Navigate to MAX > Mediation > Manage > Ad Units in the MAX dashboard and select an ad unit for which you want to add the custom SDK network you created in the previous step.
    2. Select which custom network you want to enable and enter the information for each placement. To know more about the values you must set for the App ID, Placement ID, and Custom Parameters, see the AppLovin documentation.
    3. Add the below JSON into custom parameters:


  • Contact your InMobi Account Manager to know the recommended CPM price to input.
  • For every ad format, you must follow the same instructions.

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