ads.txt-for-apps | Ads.txt for Apps (app-ads.txt)

App-ads.txt is a simple solution that gives you complete control of your inventory. By creating a depository of authorized sellers, you can let your buyers identify the programmatic firms that have legitimate access to the inventory.

App-ads.txt will be a text file on the app publisher’s website that declares who is authorized to sell the publisher’s inventory.

How to implement app-ads.txt?

Perform these steps to implement app-ads.txt:

Step 1: Provide developer website URL in the app store

Publishing a website and providing its URL is mandatory for the app’s ad inventory to participate in the authorized seller scheme.

Step 2: Create the app-ads.txt file

Create a .txt file and name it app-ads.txt.

Step 3: Add Entry

Add an entry in the app-ads.txt concatenating the following information. Contact your partner manager for assistance.

IAB Field Name Description Example Requirement Status
Domain Name of the Advertising System The domain name of the system to which bidders connect. Mandatory
Seller Account ID InMobi Publisher Account ID 74dcd2c4fa2d401cb74bbb9c124a268c Mandatory
Type of Account/Relationship The type of account is, either:
  • DIRECT: The publisher directly controls the account in Field 2 on the system in Field 1.
  • RESELLER: The publisher has authorized another entity to control the account indicated in Field 2 and resell their ad space via the system in Field 1.

    Note: The IAB specifies that DSPs should treat this field as case insensitive when interpreting data. InMobi recommends that the value in this field be typed in all capital letters.

Direct Mandatory
Certification Authority ID An ID that uniquely identifies the system in Field 1 within a certification authority.

Note: The TAG ID for all InMobi lines in the ads.txt file is 83e75a7ae333ca9d.

83e75a7ae333ca9d Optional, but highly recommended

Example: ‘,74dcd2c4fa2d401cb74bbb9c124a268c,DIRECT,83e75a7ae333ca9d’

Step 4: Post

Post the app-ads.txt file to the root directory of your domain server for the appropriate website. The file can be accessible via HTTP or HTTPS but must be located under a standard relative path: "app-ads.txt". The HTTP request header must contain "Content-Type: text/plain".