Audit Logs

Privacy Regulations

Under GDPR and other privacy regulations like CCPA, site owners must keep records of consent and the steps users must take to provide consent. CMPs are required to make these records available to publishers/site owners upon request. On the Choice CMP, these records are called “audit logs”. The audit log feature allows Choice users to easily download these records (logs) for the last 30 days through the Choice UX.

When a need for a proof of compliance arises, you can request audit logs once a day per site. So, after a requested log is generated, you will get the same for the next 24 hours. Also, audit logs for a site will be able to be requested only when analytics data is present (you need to check the sites' Consent Rate to be greater than 0%).

Generating Audit Logs

  1. To access the properties audit log, you will need to click on the three dots menu and select Logs.
  2. The audit log process will start, and the following message will appear on the properties page.
  3. When the audit log is successfully completed, the following message will appear - “Your audit log file(s) are ready and available to download”.
  4. By clicking on the Properties List, you can download audit logs by property or all completed audit logs.
  5. Otherwise, a failed message will be displayed advising that you should contact the support team for assistance.
  6. The Property List will allow you to view the list of properties for which the logs failed,  and you will be able to use the Copy properties feature to copy the list of properties to paste them in the email you need to send to support.


Given that you will be able to run logs for more than one property depending on the status of each log you may have more than one type of message on the properties page.

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Last Updated on: 22 Apr, 2024