Blocking Vendors

To remove vendors and block them from firing their technology on your site or app, simply click the check box next to the vendor(s) you wish to block and then click the Block Selected Vendors button at the top right.


Once a vendor is blocked, they will be:

  • Displayed in the vendor list with a “Blocked” status.
  • Removed from the partners' page within InMobi CMP.
  • Sent a “no consent” signal in the TCF string.
  • Users can object to publishers using their data even when publishers use legitimate interests as the legal basis for their processing. These legitimate interests for the blocked vendors are automatically set as ”Objected” by InMobi CMP.

If in the future you want to unblock a vendor, simply click the checkboxes next to the vendors you want to unblock, then click the drop-down arrow next to the Block Selected Vendors button at the top right and select Unblock Selected Vendors.


Blocking vendors can result in lost revenue or other business impacts. We recommend that you do a full audit of your revenue partners and their partners) to ensure you do not turn off any important vendors.

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Last Updated on: 04 Jan, 2024