IAB Vendors

This article is specifically for configuring and managing IAB Vendors. For reference, see the IAB Global Vendor List (GVL). This list is the basis of the list of vendors in the IAB Vendors tab in the Vendors section of the InMobi CMP Portal. 

IAB Vendors have signed up to the IAB TCF and have agreed to the terms vendors must adhere to participate in the framework. In addition to agreeing to the terms, they have also provided the following:

  • The Purposes they process data for
  • The legal basis for that processing
  • A link to their privacy policy

These vendors have agreed to operate based on the user’s selections and their legal requirements as set out in their declared vendor information. 

Managing IAB Vendors

If your properties use the service or service group consent scope you will be able to manage the IAB vendor list.

  1. At the top of the portal, click the Vendors tab.
  2. In the Vendor section there are three tabs: IAB Vendors, non-IAB Vendors and Google Vendors. For this part of the How-To instructions, we will begin with the IAB Vendors.
  3. The list presented contains all vendors registered within the TCF. By default, all vendors on the list will be included in your CMP (all vendors will be unblocked).
  4. To easily find a specific vendor in the IAB vendor list (aka Global Vendor List or GVL for short), you can search by vendor name or filter by legal basis.
  5. You will be able to filter vendors by name, just enter the name or part of the name of the vendor to search for and hit enter.
  6. To remove the applied vendor name filter, click on the ‘X’.
  7. To filter the vendors list based on legal basis, click on the filter icon next to the LEGAL BASIS column heading.
  • Consent: vendor with only consent purposes
  • Legitimate Interest: vendors with only legitimate interest purposes
  • Flexible: vendors with at least one flexible purpose
  • Multi: vendors with consent and legitimate interest purposes


We consider consent, legitimate interest and flexible purposes to classify vendors legal basis types. Special purposes, features and special features are not considered to classify vendors based on legal basis.

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Last Updated on: 22 Apr, 2024