Version 52


  • Feature Enhancement:
    • Google Basic Consent Support: Introduced functionality to activate Google Basic Consent support for properties utilizing Google services like Google Analytics and Google Ads. This enhancement ensures users can seamlessly continue using these applications while adhering to consent requirements. For more information, see Google Basic Consent with InMobi CMP.
    • Global Privacy Control Support: Implemented functionality to respect users' Global Privacy Control (GPC) signals, ensuring compliance with CCPA legislation requirements.
      • When an end-user activates the GPC flag in their browser and does not communicate any preferences through the consent banner, the Opt-out signal in the US privacy string will be set to Yes, effectively opting the user out.
      • Conversely, if an end-user enables the GPC flag and communicates an opt-out preference via the consent banner, the user's explicitly shared preference takes precedence over the GPC signal.
      • If the GPC flag is not set or not supported by the browser, there are no changes to the string.

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Last Updated on: 10 Mar, 2024