Universal Tag Implementation


This topic offers comprehensive instructions for implementing the InMobi Choice Universal Tag. It includes step-by-step instructions for integrating the InMobi Choice Universal Tag to obtain user consent before activating any tags on your websites. Ensure that you have completed site and consent configurations before tagging.

Universal Tag

The Universal Tag encompasses InMobi Choice. This integrated approach allows us to offer InMobi Choice free of charge to all users, simplifying the implementation process with a combined tag.

Best Practices

  • The Universal Tag operates asynchronously, and once consent is obtained, it does not interfere with the loading of other tags on your site.
  • We recommend you trigger the CMP tag first in the header. This ensures you capture user consent before activating any vendor tags.
  • Allowing tags to fire before a user consents can expose your website to compliance risks.
  • Delaying the loading of the CMP may result in timeout issues, such as IAB vendors being unable to retrieve the consent string in time. This can have a detrimental effect on revenue.


Retrieve and Implement Your Tag

  1. After you add your sites, click the </> Universal Tag button in the top right corner of the Choice portal. A modal appears containing the code snippet. You should use it on your website.

  2. When integrating the tag, copy and paste the complete tag into your site's header. Avoid making any modifications to the tag, as alterations may lead to the CMP functioning improperly.

    Upon successful implementation of your tag, you can expect consent metrics to commence populating within 1-2 days. Additionally, the status beacon will transition from orange to green.

Implement with Google Tag Manager

For Google Tag Manager support, see TCFv2 Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation.

Update Your Tag for IAB Europe’s CMP Domain Changeover

IAB Europe mandates the migration of CMP scripts from consensu.org subdomains. InMobi Choice has completed this. Publishers must update the consent domain to avoid audits and reminders from IAB Europe. Failure to make required changes may lead to website issues after consensu.org deprecation.

If you are a Publisher already using our Choice product please follow the steps below:

  1. After logging in to Choice portal, check the version number of the CMP.
  2. If the number displayed is less than forty-two (42) then you will need to upgrade. If the number is forty-two or higher or is shown as the Latest, you do not need to upgrade.
    • To upgrade, retrieve, and implement your tag as shown in the section Retrieving & Implementing your Tag, steps 2 through 4).
  3. Once completed successfully, customers should see version forty-two (42) (or the Latest) as the CMP version they are running for a given web property

Confirming the Tag is Live

Callbacks are intended to be handled directly by the CMP through event listeners, as the calls to the CMP commands are intended to be resolved in a synchronous way. We recommend attaching asynchronous callbacks to the CMP through this method as it will be the source of information set up by the CMP at specific moments.

  • Asynchronous Consent String API - When implemented, can add the consent handler, then call the TC Data API to retrieve the string
  • CMP Ping - You can use the Ping once loaded to ensure the CMP is available to you.

Common Errors

Troubleshooting the CMP behavior using the developer console of a browser is the best way to ensure that the tag implementation is done correctly. Some of the common issues that can impact CMP prompt are listed below.

HTTP 403

  • Site is attempting to load the choice configuration and errors out:
GET https://cmp.inmobi.com/choice/tVZtC4A8fAP1L/www.inmobi.com/choice.js?tag_version=V3

Solution: Please ensure that the API call, like the example above, matches the same site URL you configured in the Choice Portal. Most common mistakes include:

Entering domain.com in the Choice 'Site' portal when the site actually loads as www.domain.com (or vice versa) - be sure these match exactly and are lower-case.

Not enabling 'Apply to all my subdomains?' option when creating or editing sites.

Not entering the exact 'accountId' or 'p-accountId' - please copy this exactly since it is case-sensitive and do not include the 'p-' prefix.

  • Custom implementation invokes API to retrieve nonIAB vendor list:

Solution: Since the CMP handles the call to get non-IAB vendors by default, we do not recommend making edits to the tag to do so manually. If a developer intends to invoke this manually, they need to handle HTTP 403 error response returned when there are no non-IAB vendors listed for the account.

GET https://cmp.inmobi.com/choice/tVZtC4A8fAP1L/www.domain.com/choice.js?tag_version=V3

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