Field Name Description
Time Time of event.
Request App Bundle ID App bundle ID for the app where the request originates from.
Country Code ISO country code for where the ad request originates from.
Country Name Name of the country where the ad request originates from.
Operating System Name Operating system (e.g. Android, iOS).
Operating System ID Internal ID for the operating system.
Operating System Version Operating system version, as sent in the bid request.
Publisher ID Publisher’s account ID on InMobi systems
Inventory Channel Inventory type (e.g. in-app, connected TV, mobile web, or blended in-game).
Ad Slot Size Ad unit size or dimensions (e.g., 320x50, 320x480).
Is Rewarded Slot True if the ad slot is a rewarded slot else, ‘false’.
URL Site URL for browser inventory, app store page URL for app inventory.
Adomain Advertiser domain for the creative served.
Bidder Name Name of the Demand Partner (as in InMobi systems).
Is Device ID Forwarded Whether ad request includes a device ID or not.
Creative ID Creative ID sent by the DSP in bid response.
Status Status of creative (approved or rejected).
Rejection Reason Reason for creative rejection.
Deal ID Performance Analytics: Deal ID information for demand-side metrics (i.e., Ad Responses, Wins, Spending, etc.) in Performance Analytics Deal Health View: For supply and demand-side metrics.
Advertiser App Bundle ID For only app marketing campaigns - app bundle ID for the app being advertised.
Partner Seat ID Seat ID in the ad response
Ad Format  Ad format type
Bid Loss Reason Code oRTB loss reason code for lost bid
Bid Loss Reason Name oRTB loss reason name
Partner DSP Name Name of the indirect demand partner behind the direct demand partner
Device Type Device type (e.g. smartphone or tablet)
MRAID Enabled Support for Rich Media creatives on ad slot
Ad Formats Requested Ad formats supported by the bid request
Device ID Present in Request Whether ad request from the publisher includes a device ID or not


Field Name Description
Eligible Requests/Estimated Ad Requests Estimated (or theoretical) maximum requests for the demand partner based on the supply traffic preferences (assuming there was no automated traffic optimization).
Ad Requests/Actual Ad Requests Ad requests corresponding to the selected dimensions.
Ad Responses Total ad responses from the demand partner.
Wins Responses that won the auction at InMobi Exchange.
Ad Impressions Ad responses that rendered an ad.
Ad Clicks Number of clicks recorded by InMobi.
Spends Ad spend from the demand partner or advertiser.
Video Ad Starts Number of video ads that started playing.
Video Ad 25% Viewed Number of video ads that played for at least 25% of the video duration.
Video Ad 50% Viewed Number of video ads that played for at least 50% of the video duration.
Video Ad 75% Viewed Number of video ads that played for at least 75% of the video duration.
Video Ad 100% Viewed Number of video ads that played for the full duration.
ECPM Effective CPM. Also calculated as Spends per 1000 Ad Renders. For Inventory Discovery, this is the average clearing price across all demand partners.
Bid Rate Percent of requests (or ad requests) that received a valid bid.
Win Rate Percent of responses that won.
CTR Click-through rate as recorded by InMobi.
Default Count (In Creative Approval Status) The number of times a creative was updated or ingested in our system.
Estimated Ad Requests (In Inventory Discovery) Estimated requests for the supply without any targeting filters or traffic optimizations.
Actual Ad Requests Ad requests corresponding to the selected dimensions for the selected bidder.
Video Completion Rate (VCR) Video Ads 100% Viewed/Video Ad Starts.

For more information and a detailed overview of the InMobi Exchange Analytics portal, see User Guide.

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