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InMobi Exchange's PMPs are a managed service with dedicated POCs for each deal ID. Before setting up a campaign, ensure that your InMobi POCs are aware of the campaign's objectives and targeting criteria. Knowing your end objectives will help us run the most optimal campaign for you with our expertise in mobile campaigns. InMobi POCs may suggest audiences and apps based on high-quality SDK data that can improve ROI.

Ten Commandments for Success

Once a campaign is set up at InMobi and Deal ID is shared with you, please ensure the following:

  • Ensure that there are no additional spaces in the Deal ID while searching for the same on the DSP UI.
  • Ensure that InMobi Exchange is selected as "inventory source" or "SSP" on the DSP UI.
  • Ensure that the deal is created under the DSP UI in the correct channel/environment (in-app or mobile web).
  • Ensure that the start and end dates are set at DSP UI as communicated to InMobi POC.
  • Avoid implementing allowlists/blocklists on PMP campaigns. Instead, communicate the requirements to InMobi POC and allow them to traffic the most optimal supply mix for your campaign. Implementing allowlists/blocklists at DSP UI might impact campaign scale-up.
  • Avoid implementing additional pre-bid filters like viewability, audiences, and data overlays on InMobi PMPs. InMobi creates custom PMPs for each campaign that are built for best campaigns delivery. These deals might include 1st party audience segments available at InMobi. These audience segments are built on high-quality SDK data and are highly accurate. Implementing audiences and data overlays at DSP UI might impact campaign scale-up.
  • Please note that keyword targeting does not work in the mobile in-app environment. Avoid using such filters for optimal campaign delivery.
  • Ensure correct creative tags are being uploaded on the DSP UI. Check the format type of the deal before uploading creatives.
  • Ensure that the creatives /tags have been shared with InMobi and tested before uploading them on DSP UI. Buyers are expected to comply with InMobi's content guidelines for running any campaign with InMobi. Refer to InMobi's creative best practices for the best ROI on your campaign.
  • Ensure that the bidding range/ price points are set correctly and as communicated to InMobi POC.

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Last Updated on: 28 Nov, 2021