KPI Is The Key

  • A mobile ad should have one main objective, which should inform and direct the creative execution.
  • Determine your goal, then look at formats and functions that support it.
  • Develop a clear call-to-action, and resist adding features that don't directly support that.

Content and Context

  • Understand the user's context and display personalized content for a stronger impact.
  • Use data inputs such as feeds to customize creativity so that it is relevant to your users.
  • Leverage contextual signals for creative relevance

Do Something Different

  • Make it funny, surprising, entertaining, or valuable.
  • Compel the user into interacting or further action by leveraging mobile-only functions: swipe, shake, drag and drop, gyro motion, microphone.
  • "Shake to discover" is much more compelling than "Tap Here."

Focus on Core Design Principles

  • Use design hierarchy, composition, and typography to guide the user through the experience.
  • Always Simplify. Present the most relevant parts of your story in a clear and focused way.
  • Streamline the user experience.
  • Make icons and buttons distinct and big enough to be readable and easily tapped.
  • Any button should have an obvious CTA with a tappable ad element and a value proposition

Leverage Mobile Features


  • Swipe
  • Shake
  • Drag and Drop
  • Wipe
  • Voice Recognition*
  • Camera*


It depends on the app's permissions to use these functionalities.

Video Length Is Crucial

  • 7-15 Seconds is the SWEET SPOT.
  • 30 Seconds of Pre-Roll video is TOO LONG.
  • The key is not just to make all videos shorter, but to make them more EFFECTIVE.
  • Complement the context with a more concise message that gets the point across interesting yet concisely.

Use Vertical Video

  • Create a video that fills the screen in a vertical aspect ratio.
  • The phone's rotation horizontally to view a full-screen video interrupts the user's experience, especially if that experience was happening inside an app.
  • If vertical video is unavailable or possible to create, utilize the branded video format, which places a standard video alongside branding and other ad elements.
  • 94% of the time, users hold their phones vertically.
  • 82% of mobile video inventory is vertical
  • 9x higher completion rate than horizontal

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Last Updated on: 28 Nov, 2021