Supply Chain Transparency


InMobi Exchange has taken measures to ensure buyers always have full transparency into supply paths so that demand partners and advertisers are getting the most ROI from their ad investments.

Ads.txt and App-ads.txt

Ads.txt and App-ads.txt are IAB initiatives to help buyers identify whether they are buying inventory from an authorized seller or not. In practice, publishers upload a text file on their developer website, listing all the ad sources authorized to sell that inventory. These text files are available in the publisher’s public domain and can be parsed by SSPs and DSPs.

InMobi Exchange ensures all apps and sites onboarded are compliant with apps-ads.txt and ads.txt.

Buyers can review a publisher’s publicly hosted app-ads.txt files by simply appending “/app-ads.txt” to the publisher's website URL.

Example: For the publishers, the EXAMPLE URL is and the app-ads.txt entries are available www.example/app-ads.txt.


Sellers.json is a file that maintains the mapping between the identifiers and the related entity name and the relationship type, and some additional information.

InMobi’s sellers.json file is live and accessible to all partners, including publishers, ad exchanges, ad networks, and demand-side platforms (DSPs). The file is updated with new entries as we onboard new partners.

The OpenRTB SupplyChain Object

The SupplyChain object is composed primarily of nodes where each node represents a specific entity that participates in the selling of a bid request. Consequently, a complete chain represents all sellers paid for an individual bid request.

The SupplyChain object is included in the BidRequest.Source.ext.schain attribute in OpenRTB 2.5 onwards.

InMobi Exchange ensures 100% of the supply contains the SupplyChain object in the bid request.

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Last Updated on: 09 Mar, 2022