Trust and Safety

InMobi Exchange uses a combination of 3rd-party and in-house solutions for brand safety and inventory quality to ensure that buyers can access a clean, brand-safe, and transparent exchange.

Brand Safety

Publisher verification processes are at the core of InMobi offerings. All our apps undergo robust inventory checks to ensure your ads don’t appear against content that can harm the brand’s reputation, in line with standards and best practices prescribed by 4As and IAB.

How does InMobi Exchange verify apps for Brand Safety?

InMobi has a team entrusted with all trust and safety processes that are separate from any revenue considerations. The team reviews each app/site across 15+ parameters across multiple categories like app metadata, in-app behavior, and user experience.

Some examples of parameters that InMobi Exchange reviews the apps include, but are not limited to:

  • Content and Category
  • App Description
  • Keywords
  • App Ratings and Reviews
  • Ad placement and context
  • Age Gating and Privacy compliance

InMobi Exchange is also integrated with Moat for post-bid brand safety measurement on in-app inventory.

InMobi Exchange has a zero-tolerance policy towards the restricted content listed in our content guidelines.

Anti-Fraud and Anti-IVT

InMobi partners with industry-leading, independent verification partners in addition to in-house app diagnostics solutions to ensure ads reach genuine users.

HUMAN (Human Logo)

InMobi is integrated with HUMAN for 100% IVT filtered supply.

TAG Certified

InMobi Exchange has received Certification Against Fraud (CAF) by TAG for 4th consecutive year.

Manual Verification and Assessments

Thorough verification of publisher properties, ownership and payment profile, and industry-wide app and domain blocklists, including TAG Anti-Piracy blocklists.

For more information, see Trust & Safety on InMobi Exchange.

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Last Updated on: 26 Nov, 2021