Rich Media




Custom Animation

Fluid animation engine with high-performance sequencing and easing

Inline Audio

Stream audio directly into the creative

Audio on Demand

Stream audio when the user sends a request for it.

Inline Video

Stream video directly into the creative.

Full Screen Video

Stream video in full-screen mode

Drag and Drop

Drag UI to create puzzles, builders, and more.

360° and Pannable Images

Product rotations and panoramas

Shake and Tilt

Accelerometer control for interactive experiences or simple games (iOS only).

Image Gallery

Tactile galleries with thumbnail views, lightbox previews, and image downloads (iOS only)


Add a meeting or event to the calendar (iOS only)

Smart Day Parting

Display a different message depending on the time of the day

Google Map

Embedded map to show locations


Use user location to find a point of interest.

Facebook and Twitter

Share or post to social media

Interactive Games

Hidden objects, tile-matching, spot-the-difference, and other simulator games

Responsive Design

Creative elements shift to fill any screen size or device orientation


Control image opacity


Supports dragging gestures


Audio/Video starts as ad is rendered


Click to play audio/video


Fast swipe and release


Timer for events

Data Capture

Form fill and support

Form Submission

Collect survey responses


Initiate a call, send an email or SMS/text

Full Analytics

Analytics on user actions to enable optimizing creativity for delivering higher engagement.

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Last Updated on: 02 Dec, 2021