iOS14 and SKAd Network


Apple announced major IDFA-related changes on iOS 14 at WWDC 2020, which came into effect on April 26th, 2021. InMobi Exchange's SDK supports SKAdNetwork, Apple's framework for privacy-safe mobile install attribution.

InMobi supports SKAdNetwork attribution by allowing DSPs to submit signed clicks to the SKAdNetwork API.

DSP Guidelines

  1. DSP should register for SKAdNetwork with Apple.
  2. DSP must submit Legal Entity Name and SKAdNetwork ID to their InMobi account manager. Please note that the SKAdNetwork IDs are case-sensitive and should be lowercase.
  3. InMobi will confirm when the DSP's SKAdNetwork ID is added to the exchange's info.plist.
  4. When eligible for SKAdNetwork, InMobi will include the bid request's imp.ext.skadn object.
  5. DSP should bid.ext.skadn information within the bid response.
  6. DSP should only include bid.ext.skadn data in responses to requests that include imp.ext.skadn; responses with skadn data to ineligible requests will be invalidated.
  7. DSP will receive postbacks directly from Apple to their designated endpoint given during registration.

How does it work?

If a DSP wishes to use InMobi's SKAdNetwork solution, they should provide InMobi with their SKAdNetwork ID after registering with Apple.


InMobi's latest SDK version also supports SKAN v2.2.

  1. InMobi SDK retrieves the SKAdNetworkItems from the publisher app's Info.plist.
  2. SDK makes an ad request to the ad server, including SKAdNetworkItems.
  3. InMobi determines from Info.plist which DSPs have SKAdNetwork capabilities. Bid request to eligible DSPs includes the imp.ext.skadn object defined below.
  4. DSP responds, including if the campaign requires SKAdNetwork support.
  5. Ad response to SDK includes skadn object.
  6. If the impression is shown and the user clicks, InMobi calls loadProduct() with the appropriate data, including the DSP-signed signature. If valid, Apple will consider the app for install attribution.
  7. The advertised app must register that user for SKAdNetwork attribution on the app launch.
  8. (Optional). The advertised app can choose to provide an additional 6 bits of conversion value information.
  9. Suppose SKAdNetwork determines that the DSP's click led to the install. In that case, Apple will send a postback to the DSP's registered endpoint with the ids of the source app, advertised/target app and campaign, and conversion value if provided by the advertised/target app.

SKAdNetwork Testing

Email us to access InMobi's SKAN Test App.


To expedite the device's responses during testing, you can reduce the time window for receiving ad attribution postbacks by installing the SKAdNetwork profile on your test device. Downloading the profile requires you to log in to your Apple Developer account. With this profile, the installed app has 5 minutes to update the conversion value after initially registering. The device sends the postback within another 5 minutes after the rolling 5-minute timer for conversion updates expires. Using this profile reduces the conversion value update and postback window from 24-48 hours to 5-10 minutes.

This profile expires in two weeks. To continue testing, reinstall the profile.

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