Types of Media Buying


Advertisers and demand partners can buy media on InMobi Exchange in any of the three ways below.

  • Open Marketplace (OMP): Buyers participate in InMobi's auctions with no preferential access (i.e., unreserved auction) and basic targeting criteria, with any advanced targeting options being set up on the DSP interface. InMobi can customize supply to demand partners based on dimensions like country, format, app category, and so on to the DSP.
  • Private Marketplace (PMP): Buyers can leverage InMobi's PMPs to apply more advanced targeting (e.g., based on user behavior, interests, location, etc.), measure and optimize towards KPIs measured by 3P measurement partners, and get priority access to the supply.

How do PMPs work?

  1. In the beginning, the buyer shares a campaign brief with details and KPIs.
  2. InMobi sets up a deal with said targeting and measurement criteria.
  3. InMobi POC shares deal ID with the client.
  4. Client finds deal ID on DSP UI and enables bidding.
  5. InMobi POC will help optimize deal ID spend for a client, including coordinating any technical support from the InMobi side, troubleshooting deals, providing campaign recommendations, facilitating InMobi's managed creative services, and so on.

InMobi Exchange Deals

InMobi Exchange offers two kinds of deals:

  • Standard PMP Deals: Standard PMP deals allow buyers to leverage InMobi's audiences, 3P measurement optimization options, and other managed services. Bids on a standard PMP deal ID compete with bids on other Standard PMP deals and the open exchange.
  • Preferred Deals (Right to First Refusal): Preferred deals allow buyers to get preferential access to inventory by offering them the first right to bid on the impression request. The bids Preferred Deal bids get higher priority than Standard PMP deals but will still be eligible for competition with bids for other Preferred Deals.

Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

In addition, to open exchange and PMP deals, InMobi also offers Programmatic Guaranteed buys for a limited set of publishers. Buyers can opt-in for a reserved pool of inventory with publishers on InMobi Exchange pre-negotiated, fixed cost. To know more, reach out to your Demand Partner Manager/ InMobi POC.

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Last Updated on: 23 Nov, 2021