Automated Traffic Control (ATC)

Automated Traffic Control (ATC) is InMobi Exchange’s proprietary machine learning-based traffic​ optimization solution that improves bidding efficiency and optimizes DSP infrastructure costs. InMobi’s ATC ensures only the optimal supply flows to any demand partner.

How Does ATC Work?

InMobi Exchange’s ATC has three key features:

  • Inventory Scoring: ATC evaluates bidding and ad spend patterns on supply at a granular level​ to identify what supply performs well for demand partners.
  • Traffic Optimization: ATC throttles low-value supply for demand partners (as inferred from inventory scoring), ensuring​ they can improve their bidding efficiency and ad spend per request volume.
  • Forecasting Trends: ATC continuously listens to data and modifies supply in near real-time, considering trends, seasonality, and outliers when demand increases or decreases.

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Last Updated on: 09 Mar, 2022