AD Formats

HTML Display Ads

Display ads, including fullscreen ad units, medium rectangles, and banners, help our buyers scale on mobile with images or rich media.


  • Medium Rectangle: 300*250
  • Small Banners: 300*50, 320*50, 728*90
  • Interstitial (full-screen): 320*480, 480*320 for Mobiles and 1024*768, 768*1024 for tablets

MRAID Rich Media

MRAID (Mobile Rich-Media Ad Interface Definitions) is a framework for mobile advertisers and publishers that allows rich media ad creatives to run across all compliant devices and applications.


300*50, 300*250, 320*50, 728*90, 320*480, 480*320, 1024*768, 768*1024


InMobi audio ads, seamlessly integrated with the InMobi SDK, represent a pioneering approach to user engagement. These ads captivate audiences with their non-intrusive design, offering an innovative and immersive auditory experience that effortlessly connects brands with their target audience.


  • Banners - 320x50, 300x250
  • Icons - 70x70, 64x64


Video ads are one of the most potent ways to engage with consumers. On mobile, video provides an unmatched experience: the fullscreen format captivates the user and brings the advertiser’s message to life. InMobi supports in-feed video, VAST, and VPAID.

Video Orientation and Sizes

  • Landscape (Horizontal) 320*480, 1024*768
  • Portrait (Vertical) : 480*320, 768*1024
  • MREC out-stream: 300*250

Opt-in Rewarded Video

Rewarded/Opt-in video is an ad format in which the end-user is rewarded in-game currency or an item for completing a video view.


  • Landscape (horizontal): 320*480, 1024*768
  • Portrait (Vertical) : 480*320, 768*1024

Native Ads

Native ads on InMobi are high-quality, content-driven experiences that engage consumers by matching the look and feel of an app’s user interface. Because the ads complement the in-app experience, consumers are more likely to consume and engage with your ads. InMobi supports Native static creatives.

Native +

Native + is InMobi’s proprietary format that enables buyers to leverage native-like experience in in-app environments previously without a native. InMobi Exchange handles dynamic creative stitching and optimization for higher KPIs. For more information, see Go Native+ via InMobi Exchange.

Blended In-Game Ads

In-Game ads are shown within the gameplay at intuitive slots, much like how they appear in real-life scenarios. For example, in a football game, ads can be shown on hoardings of the stadium and sidelines as they appear in a real-world football match telecast. These ads can be both displayed and video. For more information, see In-Game Advertising.

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