Impression and Viewability Tracking


InMobi supports ‘imptrackers’ and/or the ‘burl’ field in the bid response. Both fields will fire the same and at least one is required.

bidresponse.seatbid[].bid[].burl denotes the billing URL. Billing notice URL called by the exchange when a winning bid becomes billable based on exchange-specific business policy (e.g., typically delivered, viewed, etc.).

bidresponse.seatbid[].bid[].admobject.native.imptrackers is expected as part of the native object of the bid response.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are ‘burls’/‘imptrackers’ and why is it important?

The ‘burls/ ‘imptrackers’ attribute is a form of notification that InMobi uses to notify the buyers of a cleared impression. A cleared impression is one that has won during an auction and was successfully shown to the end-user. The ‘imptrackers’ method is much preferred over tracking pixels embedded into ad markup as it decreases latency, redirects, duplicates, and discrepancies.

2. Is ‘burl’/’imptrackers’ required?


3. What happens if we do not include ‘burl’/’imptrackers’?

Your bid responses will be flagged as invalid and rejected from the auction.

4. If ‘burl’/’imptrackers’ does not fire, will we be billed?


5. How does ‘burl’/’imptrackers’ work?

  • DSP populates the ‘burl’/’imptrackers’ field in the bid response object.
  • Marketplace servers append the ‘burl’/’imptrackers’ field value of JSON bid response into a JavaScript array that contains additional InMobi impression trackers along with the ‘burl’/’imptrackers’.
  • The JS array is inserted into the ad server payload passed down to the client device. Also included is a JS function trackImpressionHelper() which controls the firing of the JS array URLs by listening for the appropriate signal from the InMobi SDK.
  • The SDK will render all ad markup, call the InMobi-inserted trackImpressionHelper() function, which calls all impression URLs in the impression array; one of which is the ‘burl’/’imptrackers’ directly.

6. When will the ‘burl’/‘imptrackers’ fire?

  • ‘burl’/‘imptrackers’ will fire when:
    1. all assets in the ad markup are successfully retrieved and
    2. the web-view (actual ad slot) becomes visible to the user
      • Banners: Banner web views are always visible, so when all assets are retrieved and rendered successfully, the ‘imptrackers’ will fire.
      • Interstitials: InMobi pre-caches interstitials, so only when the assets have been retrieved AND the publisher has called displayInterstitialWebview(), will the ‘imptrackers’ fire.

Viewability Tracking

InMobi Exchange supports viewability tracking across all its vendors. For information, see Viewability Vendors.

It is signaled in the impression extension object of the bid request as “viewabilityvendors’.

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Last Updated on: 23 Nov, 2021