The concept of Podding refers to multiple ads, positioned back-to-back and consumed in one continuous go, ergo forming a ‘pod’. InMobi Ad Pods use existing bid requests to ‘pod’ together with two ads, offering buyers a second chance to reach the user on the same bid request.

How does it work?

  1. InMobi identifies bid requests with pods feature ON before sending it to the DSP.
  2. Once the auction completes, the winning bidder’s ad is placed first in the pod and the second-highest bidder in second place.
  3. A maximum of two ads can be clubbed into an AdPod.


  • InMobi AdPods are available on Interstitial (both display and video) inventory.
  • DSP partners do not need to make any changes for leveraging AdPods.
  • Partners must inform their InMobi POC if they wish to opt-out of AdPods.

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Last Updated on: 02 Dec, 2021