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UI Customization in Recent Release

We have UI customization capabilities with our Choice mobile SDK. This empowers developers to tailor color schemes and font styles of all UI components within the Choice Mobile CMP, ensuring seamless integration with the host application's UI.

This section details how to utilize various configuration options for text styles and colors on Android.


  1. Create a raw folder within the res directory of your project if it doesn't exist yet.
  2. Inside the raw folder, add a JSON file (e.g., choice_style_sheet.json) containing the properties for setting your styles.
  3. When calling the startChoice method, include a new parameter named resources. This should be an object of type ChoiceStyleResources, and set its styleId property with the ID of the file you added in the raw folder.



    app = application,
    packageId = packageId,
    pCode = <YOUR PCODE>,
    callback= choiceCmpCallback,
    resources = ChoiceStyleResources(styleId = R.raw.choice_style_sheet),


       " <YOUR PCODE>", 
       new ChoiceStylesResources(R.raw.choice_style_sheet, null, null) 

Color customization

Within the file you added to the raw folder, define the color as follows. The format is “color name”:”color hex value”, example: “dividerColor”:”#ff0000”.

The following components can be configured:

Property name Description
dividerColor Page divider color
tabBackgroundColor Tab background color (for examples the vendor tabs)
tabForegroundColor Tab foreground color (for examples the vendor tabs)
searchBarBackgroundColor Search field background color
searchBarForegroundColor Search field foreground color
infoButtonForegroundColor Information (i) button foreground color
infoScreenBackgroundColor Information screen background color
infoScreenForegroundColor Information screen foreground color
toggleActiveColor Toggle button active color
toggleInactiveColor Toggle button in-active color
globalTextColor Main (global) text color
globalBackgroundColor Main (or global) background color
titleTextColor Title text color
bodyTextColor Body text color
listTextColor Color of the text in the lists (like vendor list)
tabTextColor Tab text color (for example the vendor tabs)
menuTextColor Menu text color (example: ???)
linkTextColor Link text color (hyperlinks and links between the different pages)
buttonTextColorButton text color Button text color
buttonDisabledTextColor Button text color in disabled state
buttonBackgroundColor Button background color
buttonDisabledBackgroundColor Button background color in disabled state

Fonts customization

If you wish to customize the fonts used in the Choice CMP, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a font folder inside the res directory of your project if it hasn't been created already.
  2. Add the respective font files that you want to use to this newly created font folder.
  3. Include their corresponding IDs in the resources parameter when calling the startChoice method. The table below provides details on the two types of supported fonts and their corresponding property names in the ChoiceStyleResources class in the CMP:
Property name Description
regularFont Name of the font used for the CMP
boldFont Name of the bold font used for the CMP

Here is an example demonstrating how the startChoice call will appear once you've integrated custom fonts:


    app = application,
    packageId = packageId,
    pCode = <YOUR PCODE>,
    callback= choiceCmpCallback,
    resources = ChoiceStyleResources(
        styleId = R.raw.choice_style_sheet,
        boldFont = R.font.bold_font_name,
        regularFont = R.font.regular_name


        " <YOUR PCODE>", 
        new ChoiceStylesResources(R.raw.choice_style_sheet, R.font.bold_font_name,          R.font.regular_name) 

Example/Template styles json file:

    "dividerColor": "#C6C6C8",
    "tabBackgroundColor": "#CCBBFF",
    "tabForegroundColor": "#8E8E93",
    "tabTextColor": "#000000",
    "searchBarBackgroundColor": "#CCBBFF",
    "searchBarForegroundColor": "#000000",
    "infoButtonForegroundColor": "#007AFF",
    "infoScreenBackgroundColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "infoScreenForegroundColor": "#000000",
    "toggleActiveColor": "#34C759",
    "toggleInactiveColor": "#AEAEB2",
    "globalBackgroundColor": "FFFFFF",
    "globalTextColor": "#000000",
    "titleTextColor": "#000000",
    "bodyTextColor": "#000000",
    "listTextColor": "#000000",
    "menuTextColor": "#000000",
    "linkTextColor": "#007AFF",
    "buttonTextColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "buttonDisabledTextColor": "#8E8E93",
    "buttonBackgroundColor": "#007AFF",
    "buttonDisabledBackgroundColor": "#D1D1D6"

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