faqs | InMobi Exchange: FAQs

What is the InMobi Exchange?

The InMobi Exchange is a real-time marketplace for buying and selling advertising space across third party mobile application and websites that work directly with InMobi. It is a unified monetization platform that blends both InMobi Network and InMobi Exchange demands into a single auction. This helps publishers maximize the value of each impression by increasing competition. InMobi has partnered with the Rubicon Project, a pioneer in ad automation, to power its exchange.

What is real-time bidding?

Real-time bidding is an automated way of media buying, where advertising space is bought and sold on a per-impression basis. To participate in real-time bidding,

  • Publishers put their inventory in an ad exchange by integrating with the exchange provider’s SDK, or API, and pass any other information that is available.
  • Buyers either build their own bidder or leverage bidding technology platforms like demand side platforms, often using complex algorithms to determine the value of each impression in real-time.

Why should I opt-in to the InMobi Exchange?

Opt-in to the InMobi Exchange if you want to make the most money for your ad inventory. The InMobi Exchange exposes your ad inventory to hundreds of thousands of advertisers, in addition to the tens of thousands of advertisers already on the InMobi Network. This helps increase your fills and improves yield by increasing the competition for each impression.

How do I get started?

If you are already integrated with an InMobi SDK or API, you will be prompted to accept a change in Terms of Service when you log on to InMobi Publisher portal. On accepting the terms, your inventory will be available on the InMobi Exchange. You may opt-out of the InMobi Exchange at any time by going to Account Settings > Exchange Controls.

Why should I be transparent on the InMobi Exchange?

InMobi Exchange allows you to be transparent or anonymous. Keep in mind that media buyers on programmatic mostly buy by placements. If your ad inventory is not transparent, it cuts out most of the buyers from bidding on your inventory. Please make sure that you provide InMobi with the most accurate app store URL or site URL.

Will the InMobi Exchange honor my revenue share with InMobi? I already mediate multiple buyers and the mediators are free. Why should I work with you on a revenue share basis?

InMobi Exchange honors your revenue share with InMobi. In mediation, you still have a revenue share with the ad network that allocates the impression.

Unlike an exchange, mediation does not give you the highest yield per impression. Ad mediation solutions work by prioritizing ad networks into different levels. The first level gets first access to an impression. Then, if the first level passes, the second level gets access to the impression. Note that the ad network in the second level will sometimes have a higher paying ad than the first level but not get to buy the impression. This is because they do not get access unless the first level passes, causing a sub-optimal prioritization for many impressions. Mediation also has the risk of advertisers taking advantage of the price arbitrage and buying your ad inventory at the cheapest price.

The InMobi Exchange takes a revenue share from the buyers that participate in the auction. It leverages proprietary data to further augment the value of every impression.

How do I block advertisers on InMobi Exchange?

The block lists that create for the InMobi Network will be applied to the InMobi Exchange. If you have not yet created block lists in the InMobi Network, please see here for details on how to create block lists.

What controls do I have to manage my eCPM expectations?

The InMobi Exchange provides protection by setting floors.

How does the InMobi Exchange complement the InMobi Network in monetizing my inventory?

InMobi is committed to increasing publisher yield. The InMobi Network and the InMobi Exchange compete in a single auction hosted on the InMobi unified monetization platform, and the highest bidder wins the impression.

I already work with another exchange. Should I still opt in to InMobi Exchange?

If you are participating on the InMobi Exchange, participating on another exchange is not recommended. Participating on multiple exchanges can result in the same impression being presented to the same buyer twice, and in some cases buyers can take advantage of price arbitrage across exchanges.

Is InMobi responsible for publisher payouts of revenue generated by InMobi Exchange?

Yes. Unlike mediation, publisher payouts are managed by InMobi directly for the InMobi Exchange. The Rubicon Project invoices DSPs and InMobi has a 45 day payment term with Rubicon Project.

Who are the advertisers that will advertise on InMobi Exchange?

The InMobi Exchange has representation from advertisers across 100+ verticals.

Can I choose the advertisers?

No. You cannot whitelist advertisers since it can severely limit overall monetization. You can, however, block advertisers and industries.

Will I see reporting for InMobi Exchange and InMobi Network separately?

No. Reporting for the InMobi Exchange and the InMobi Network will be consolidated. The InMobi Exchange is a CPM (Cost Per Mille, or Thousand) marketplace, and as many DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) do not include InMobi on the click path, the click data, or CTR (Click Through Rate), may not be representative of true performance.

Can I work only with InMobi Exchange?

No. The InMobi Network is just another bidder on the InMobi Exchange, though it bids through the InMobi unified monetization platform. As we cannot block bidders, this is not possible.

What ad formats does the InMobi Exchange support?

InMobi Exchange supports the following ad formats:

  • Standard Banner
  • Rich Media
  • Video
  • Native

Note: In-app interstitial inventory can be filled by any of the above formats.

What kind of integration works best on the InMobi Exchange?

We suggest that you use SDK integration to ensure that you get the best monetization from the InMobi Exchange. The InMobi SDK guarantees higher render rates for all ad formats.

How much money will I make on the InMobi Exchange?

The InMobi exchange can help you maximize revenue in three ways:

  • Increasing the overall competition for each impression, translating into higher eCPMs.
  • Increasing the overall value of each impression through InMobi Audience Personas, translating into higher eCPMs.
  • Increasing the overall liquidity of each impression, translating into higher fills.