monetize | Audience Bidding (Header Bidding)

Audience Bidding is InMobi’s In-app Header Bidding solution. You can leverage unique audience intelligence to pre-fetch audience-driven bids from 70+ DSPs with a single call to our in-app header bidding SDK.

1. If you wish to get started with Audience Bidding, then begin by downloading our Mediation/Header Bidding SDK for iOS and Android.
2. To create an account or set up placements, visit

Audience Bidding works hand-in-hand with your existing mediation platform. The following guides will help you get started with:

Here's how Audience Bidding will help you:

  1. Revenue Optimization:

    Boost in-app revenue with dynamic bids optimized for each user.
    Maximize fills and revenue by increasing inventory exposure through simultaneous requests to 70+ DSPs that have global access to high intent advertisers.

  2. Enriched Supply:

    Secure your in-app revenue by differentiating your supply path.
    Stand out as enriched supply in a crowded marketplace by augmenting your inventory with high quality audience signals while working directly with the industry’s most preferred demand partners.

  3. Optimized Trafficking:

    Optimize your demand partnerships with smart bids across price points.
    Challenge your existing waterfall with pre-fetched bids across price points with a single SDK call. Get the most optimal bid through unified auctions.