monetize | Getting Started

You can leverage the lightweight InMobi SDK to monetize your iOS and Android apps by engaging users with rich discovery experiences.

Follow the simple steps and get started:

Step 1: Creating an InMobi Account

To set up an InMobi account:

  1. Sign up as a publisher.

  2. Complete the e-mail verification for your account.

Step 2: Registering your App

  1. Click Add an App, and then click the link as shown below.
  2. Name your app, and then select your platform and proceed.
  3. Read the condition about properties directed to children below 13 years, and then select the check box if it applies to you.

    Note: For apps without a URL, the test mode is enabled by default. Once live, you can click the link to enter the URL on the dashboard as shown below.
    Your app is ready to monetize.

Step 3: Creating Placement Ids

  1. Select the relevant ad format to define the placement of your ad.

  2. (Optional) Tag the placement for superior monetization, based on the ad unit’s location and context in the app.

Step 4: Filling out the Payout Information

Create, verify, and activate your payment profile to make your earning tangible. InMobi follows a payout cycle of 60 days. This means that your earnings for a given month will be credited to you at the end of the 60-day payout cycle. You have the option of receiving your payouts via PayPal or wire transfer/RTGS.

For more information about payment terms, see here.

Step 5: Controlling the Ad Experience with Filters

You can curate the experience shown to the user by controlling the content of the ads. InMobi supports ad filters at three levels to control the ad experience:

  • Domain Filters:

    Block ads from a specific domain. For instance, if you want to block ads from InMobi, add the domain ''. If you want to block all domains of InMobi like,, then add 'inmobi'.

  • Category Filters:

    Prevent ads based on content. If you block a category, ads of that category will not be served on your site or app. For instance, an app meant for kids might want to prevent ads categorized as 'Politics' or 'Gambling'.

  • URL or Keywords Filters:

    Avoid ads based on matching phrases contained in the ad text or landing page URL. For instance, you can prevent ads containing the text 'weapons' or 'virus' from serving on your site or app.

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