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How do I set floor price for my placements?

We will take care of this task for you! The floor prices are set by the Partner manager/support team for the placements created on InMobi dashboard. If you have questions regarding the same, please contact your dedicated partner manager or write to

How do I start testing ads?

The following steps will help you test ads at your end without any assistance. We would recommend that you pause for a moment and go through the same carefully.

If you are integrating an ad unit for the first time: Set Test Mode to Global ON
If you want to selectively turn on test traffic for a set of devices:

If you already have a prior version of the SDK integrated for this particular ad unit, you should restrict your testing to only a few devices.

Set Test Mode to Selective ON. Under the Device section:
  1. In the Device ID box, type the device ID
  2. In the Device Name box, set any name.
  3. Click Add Device to add the test device.

NOTE: If you already have a device configured, select the device for the test mode to be enabled.

IMPORTANT: Once you are done testing, please ensure that the TEST MODE is turned OFF so that you can start sending the ad requests to the network.

I am still not able to test ads, what do I do?

Please reach out to your InMobi partner manager or support at Kindly provide the following information if you choose to write to our support team:

  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher Account ID
  • Publisher Mail ID
  • Placement ID
  • Details of the issue

What ad formats does InMobi support?

InMobi’s SDK supports banners, graphical interstitials, video interstitials (skippable and non-skippable), rewarded ads and native ads as per the IAB guidelines.

Still confused? No problem. Refer to our blog which has helped our publishers explore the magic with InMobi.