SKAdNetwork Test App and Steps

InMobi Test App

Steps to use InMobi's Test App

  1. Launch the app and click on "Enter Manually". 
  2. Click on "InMobi RTBD" on first page. 
  3. Select the appropriate size of the ad on the second page (Ad Formats). 
  4. Paste the ad tag on the third page (Ad Tag). 
  5. Then click on "Load Ad" button on the same page to get the ad shown. 
  6. Getting an ad might take around 5-10 Ad Requests, due to latency - since several systems are involved in this. But you should get a healthy fill rate of around 80% overall. 
  7. In order to test SkAdNetwork framework, please customize and input the below json string into 'Skan Params' field: {"version":"2.0","itunesitem":"512939461","network":"dsp1.skadnetwork","campaign":45,"nonce":"68753A44-4D6F-1226-9C60-0050E4C00063","sourceapp":"891278325","timestamp":1596634458633,"signature":"M3PCIEQZRRyVcUXg=="} 

Note: To expedite the device's responses during testing, you can reduce the time window for receiving ad attribution postbacks by installing the SKAdNetwork profile on your test device. Downloading the profile requires you to log in to your Apple Developer account.With this profile, the installed app has 5 minutes to update the conversion value after initially registering. The device sends the postback within another 5 minutes after the rolling 5-minute timer for conversion updates expires. Using this profile reduces the conversion value update and postback window from 24-48 hours, to 5-10 minutes.

This profile expires in two weeks. To continue testing, reinstall the profile.

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Last Updated on: 04 Mar, 2021