Appographic Segment Glossary

Gaming Concepts

Appographic Segment Description Appographic ID
Action Requires players to use quick reflexes, accuracy, and timing to overcome obstacles. These games tend to have gameplay that emphasizes combat and fighting. 66
Adventure The player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving. The genre's focus on story allows it to draw heavily from other narrative-based media such as literature and film, encompassing a wide variety of literary genres. 67
Arcade Games with short levels, simple and intuitive control schemes, and rapidly increasing difficulty. These games simulates the arcade environment where the player essentially 'rents' the game for as long as their in-game avatar can stay alive. 69
Archery Sports games that imitate archery. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 119
Baseball Sports games that imitate baseball. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 110
Basketball Sports games that imitate basketball. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 351
Billiards and Snooker Sports games that imitate billiards and snooker. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 114
Bingo Board games that imitate the playing of Bingo. 136
Board Computer-based games that simulate board games like monopoly, chess, checkers, and so on. 70
Bowling Sports games that imitate the playing of Bowling. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 131
Boxing Sports games that imitate the playing of Boxing. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 116
Bubble Shooter A casual game of the pattern-match genre with elements of puzzle and shooter 121
Card Any game using playing cards as the primary device with which the game is played. 71
Card Battle Games with a central theme of card battling. 68
Casino Games that imitate the playing and environment of casino games 72
Casual Games targeted at, or used by, a mass audience of casual gamers.They typically have simple rules and do not require special skills to play. 81
Casual card games Card games that do not emphasise gambling. For example, UNO. 438
City construction Simulation game in which the player acts as an overall planner or leader to meet the needs and wants of game characters by initiating structures for food, shelter, health, spiritual care, economic growth, defences, and fortification. 99
Clan Based Games MMO games offering clan formation inside the game. 142
Clan battle MMO games offering clan battles inside the game. 102
Cricket Sports games that imitatecricket. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 111
Dice Games that use or incorporate one or more dice as their sole or central component, usually as a random device. 75
Hidden Object A genre of puzzle video games, the player must find items on a list that are hidden within a picture. 117
Drawing Two players take turns in drawing a picture to convey a "guess-word" that the other partner has to guess. 128
Endless runner Also called infinite running games, these are are platform games in which the player's character continuously moves forward. Game controls are limited to making the character jump, attack, or perform special actions. 80
Fighting Game that emphasizes one-on-one combat between players, or between a character controlled by a player and one controlled by the game's AI. 129
Fishing Game in which the player fishes. Many feature a wide variety of locations in which to fish, fish to catch, and fishing equipment like fishing rods, lures, and boats. 115
Football Sports games that imitate football. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 108
Golf Sports games that imitate golf. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport 113
Guessing Game in which the objective is to guess information of some kind. The information could be a word, a phrase, a title, or the location of an object 95
Hack and Slash Type of action games where the focus is on violent combat rather than strategy. 90
Hunting Simulation video games that usually take place in a thick forest or meadow and involve hunting animals. 103
Jigsaw Tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of interlocking pieces that are sometimes oddly shaped, and sometimes symmetric.
Kids Games are targeted at the age group of 4-13 years. 88
Logos Quiz game that consists of guessing logo names. 93
Mahjong Mobile game based on the classic Chinese game, Mahjong. 135
Three Pattern Match Pattern Match games involve the player manipulating tiles to arrive at a matching criteria. The tiles disappear when the criteria is met. When the number of objects or tiles to be matched is three, the games are referred to as three pattern match. 122
Mini Short games that are often contained within another game. 124
MMO Also called MMO or MMOG, these are multiplayer games that are capable of supporting a large number of players simultaneously. 141
Monopoly Mobile adoption of successful board game, Monopoly. 349
Music A type of game that uses music (or rhythm) as an integral part of gameplay. This may involve pressing buttons in time with a song (whether on a conventional controller, an instrument controller, or some kind of dance mat) singing into a microphone, or creating original music. 199
NFL Games that imitate NFL. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 109
Numbers Number puzzles. For example, 2048. 98
Open World Game in which a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives 160
Pattern Match Pattern Match games involve the player manipulating tiles to arrive at a matching criteria. The tiles disappear when the criteria is met. The criteria could be matching tiles with the same numbers or pictures, for example. 123
Pinball Arcade game that imitates Pinball. 350
Poker Family of card games involving betting and individual play. 125
Pong Games that imitate the playing of Pong. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 130
Puzzle Puzzle video games are a genre of video games that emphasize puzzle solving. The types of puzzles can test many problem solving skills including logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion. 82
Quiz Game in which players attempt to answer questions correctly. 94
Racing Game that simulates the racing experience. 83
Resource management Type of simulation game that requires players to collect the necessary resources needed for a particular task like city construction, upgrades, and so on. 101
Role Playing Game in which the player controls one or more characters, usually on some kind of quest. 84
Scrabble Letter arrangement word game. 92
Shooter Action game where the player takes control of a tiny airplane or ship and shoots down enemy fighters. They are often 2-D auto-scrolling games and are typically quite difficult- shots may come at you from all directions very quickly. 89
Short Session Games with short sessions or stages. For example, Subway Surfer. 152
Simulation Abbreviated as "sim," these games simulate an experience as realistically as possible. Common types of simulations are flight sims, driving games, farm sims, and so on. 85
Slots Games with the mobile version of a slot machine, a casino gambling machine with three or more reels that spin when a button is pushed. 74
Solitaire A group of single-player card games 118
Sports Games that imitate traditional physical sports. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 86
Strategy Games that emphasizes resource management and planning. They are often war games, but other kinds of strategy games exist. 87
Stunts Games are associated with racing games (like Motocross) on stunt tracks. 104
Sudoku Sports games that imitates the playing of Sudoku. 127
Table Tennis Sports games that imitate the playing of Table tennis. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 137
Tennis Games that imitate tennis. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 443
Tetris Arcade game imitating Tetris. 132
Tower Defense Game involving enemies crossing from one side of the battlefield to another. In order to prevent them from reaching their destination, the player has to create "towers" and "destroy" the enemies. 73
Train Simulation game that imitates driving a train.. 120
Trivia A quiz game that involves obscure facts. 65
Virtual pet Simulation game focussing on the care, raising, breeding, or exhibition of simulated pets. 126
Word Games based on words and letters. For example, Scrabble, Words with Friends, and so on. 64
Word search Word game where words, usually related to a particular theme, are hidden in a grid of jumbled letters. The objective of the game is to find and mark all the hidden words. 91
Anime Games that include anime are adaptations of video games or whose characters originated in video games.Japanese video games. Anime characters have a distinctive look and feel and are most popular in Japan and China 207
Aquarium Simulation game replicating an actual aquarium. Players can keep fish, feed them, and watch them virtually grow. 192
Bakery Simulations game imitating the activities that happen in bakery. These games are popular with children. 191
Christmas Games with a Christmas festival theme. These games are popular with children. 188
Classic Replica or Classic games from the early video game era of around the 1990s. 184
Cooking Simulation game that imitates kitchen activities. These games are popular with children. 353
Crime and Mafia Games involving the Mafia, gangs, and/or organized crime as a significant part of its plot or settings. 206
Dating A subgenre of simulation games, with romantic elements. The most common objective of dating games sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship. 173
Doctor Sim games intended for kids that imitates the activities done by doctors. For example: Dentist, Surgery, General check-up. 209
Dragons Games that strongly feature dragons. Here, the player's character may a dragon, or a dragon may the primary enemy. 216
Dress-up Game involving dressing up, usually to impersonate someone or something, like an animal or character in a fairy tale. The type of clothes available in these games varies on who the player is trying to dress up as. It could be adult clothing, or special play clothes designed for dress-up like boa feathers and costume jewelry. 175
Dungeon Fantasy game where which players have to navigate a labyrinth-like dark environment (a "dungeon"), battling various monsters, and looting treasure. 198
Fantasy Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary plot element, theme. It can also have a theme background of Ancient myth stories like Spartans and Greek. 180
Farm farming simulation social network game.Its gameplay involves various aspects of farm management such as plowing land, planting, growing, and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and raising livestock 203
Fashion Sim games intended for girls emulating fashion 177
3D Graphics Games offering 3-dimension Graphics 219
Greek Games depicting the ancient Greek cultural(Look and feel) theme 186
Home design Simulation game to design & decorate virtual home with best 3d looking furniture and other items. 176
Horror Subgenre of action-adventure video games which draws heavily upon the conventions of horror fiction. 182
Hospital Sim games intended for kids that imitates the activities that happen in Hospital. 205
Kitchen Sim games intended for kids that imitates the cooking activity 189
Medieval Games depicting the Middle Ages, or having some sort of a medieval theme. 178
Monsters Games which strongly feature Monsters. This includes games where the player character is a monster, or where a monster is the primary antagonist or enemy variant. 211
Motocross A motocross Bike racing game. 187
Office Casual Game with office theme 354
Pixel Graphic Games having Pixel-based graphics. For example, Flappy Bird 217
Restaurant Sim games intended for kids that imitates the activities that happen in Restaurant 194
Sci-fi Sci-fi is a genre of fiction/fantacy dealing with imaginative content such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life. 170
Space Space is a genre of fiction/fantacy dealing with imaginative content such as Alien life, space 183
Spartan Games depicting the ancient Spartan cultural(Look and feel) theme. 185
Survival Survival games focus on fear and last-man-standing concepts via traditional horror fiction elements such as atmospherics, death, the undead, blood and gore 172
TV Show Mobile games based on television series 196
Blood and Gore ction game containing violence and minimal blood 202
War Action-adventure games having war based theme. 179
Zombies Action-adventure games that are heavly centered on Zombies attack theme. 208
Chess A Mobile chess game based on rules of chess 112

Non-Gaming Concepts

Parent Concept Description Appographic ID
Education Education Apps offering educational content. 17
Education MOOC Apps offering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with unlimited participation and open access via the web. 18
Education Language Apps that help users learn different languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish and so on. For example, Duolingo. 19
Education Kids Content Apps for kindergarteners and early elementary-aged kids that cover a wide spectrum of educational offerings. 20
Education High School Apps for high school students that cover a wide spectrum of educational offerings. 21
Entertainment Books Apps offering e-books and/or e-readers. 32
Entertainment Entertainment Apps offering entertainment content. 34
Entertainment Music Apps that allow users to stream music and listen to songs. 35
Entertainment News Apps dedicated to news and/or news channels. 36
Entertainment Photo & Video Apps that help users edit and share videos and photos. 37
Entertainment Sports Apps dedicated to sports news and live stats. 41
Entertainment TV shows Apps for streaming and watching TV shows online. 42
Entertainment Comics Apps that offer comic collections. 43
Entertainment Movies Apps for streaming and watching movie content. 44
Entertainment Kids content Apps for kindergarteners and early elementary-aged kids covering a wide spectrum of entertainment offerings. 20
Entertainment Paid content Apps in which the user has to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to access the content. 47
Finance Taxes Apps that help calculate income tax 58
Finance Money transfer Apps that help in money transactions. For example, an app that helps users send money home in a safe, quick and convenient manner. 59
Finance Stocks Apps that help track real-time stock quotes, portfolio, trades and so on. 61
Finance Finance Apps that facilitate the management of business processes dealing with money. 53
Health and fitness Health and Fitness Apps dealing with health and fitness. 224
Health and fitness Calorie tracker Apps that help track calories and diets. 225
Health and fitness Running Apps that track live running data including duration, running distance, speed, calories burned, and so on. 226
Health and fitness Gym training Apps that provide personal training programs through tutorials and track data like calories burned. 230
Shopping and Lifestyle Shopping Apps that allow mobile shopping. 236
Shopping and Lifestyle Electronics Apps that sell electronic products. 238
Shopping and Lifestyle Men's Products Apps that sell mens' products, exclusively. 239
Shopping and Lifestyle Women's Products Apps that sell womens' products, exclusively. 240
Shopping and Lifestyle Baby and kids products Apps that sell baby and kids' products, exclusively. 241
Shopping and Lifestyle Classifieds Apps that provide access to user-created listings including items for sale, job opportunities, and notifications of events and situations. 257
Shopping and Lifestyle Auctions Apps that allow users to bid on the for-sale items in user-created listings. 259
Shopping and Lifestyle Books Apps that sell e-books for sale. 32
Shopping and Lifestyle Movies Music and Games Apps that sell movies, music, and online games. 243
Shopping and Lifestyle Home improvement Apps that sell home improvement products. 244
Shopping and Lifestyle Sports and fitness Apps that sell sports and fitness products. 245
Shopping and Lifestyle Luggage and travel Apps that sell luggage and travel products. 246
Shopping and Lifestyle Gardening and Hardware tools Apps that sell tools for gardening and hardware. 247
Shopping and Lifestyle Beauty and health Apps that sell cosmetic and health products. 248
Shopping and Lifestyle Grocery Apps that sell groceries. 249
Shopping and Lifestyle Shoes Apps that sell shoes. 250
Shopping and Lifestyle Jewelry Apps that sell jewellery. 251
Shopping and Lifestyle Automotive and industrial products Apps that sell automotive and industrial products. 252
Shopping and Lifestyle Clothing Apps that sell clothes. 439
Shopping and Lifestyle Luxury Shopping Apps that sell luxury and premium products. 264
Shopping and Lifestyle Deals and coupons Shopping apps that offer deals and coupons on various products. 268
Shopping and Lifestyle Price alerts Shopping apps that include a price alert feature to give users notifications on the latest prices. 270
Shopping and Lifestyle Product comparison Shopping apps that enable product comparison. 271
Shopping and Lifestyle Barcode scanners Shopping apps that feature a barcode scanner. 272
Shopping and Lifestyle Wish list Shopping apps that include a wish list feature. 273
Shopping and Lifestyle e-Recharge Apps that allow users to pay bills and recharge prepaid mobile accounts, DTH, datacards, and so on. 402
Shopping and Lifestyle B2B sales Business-to-Business (B2B) app allows commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer 400
Shopping and Lifestyle Marketplace Apps that are mobile shopping stores. 256
Shopping and Lifestyle Real estate Apps that help users to search for and buy real estate property. 398
Social networking Social networking Apps that allow users to create and extend their social or professional networks by connecting with friends, strangers, business professionals, and companies. 279
Social networking Dating App Social networking apps that enable users to meet strangers, chat, flirt, and date. 173
Social networking Photos and Video Sharing Social networking apps that allow users to share photos and videos. 281
Social networking Location Sharing Social networking apps that allow sharing the user's location within the network 285
Social networking Video and Audio calls Apps that allow real-time video and audio conversation 288
Social networking Instant messaging Apps that allows users to chat online through real-time text conversations with contacts on the address book 289
Social networking Anonymous Sharing Social networking apps that allow anonymous secret-sharing and messaging. 290
Travel and Local Navigation Apps that helps in navigation. 299
Travel and Local Travel Apps related to travel, often including a listing of local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. 444
Travel and Local Accommodation Apps that help users find and book accommodation. 301
Travel and Local Flights Apps that help users find and and book flight tickets. 302
Travel and Local Rail Apps that help users find and and book railway tickets. 303
Travel and Local Holiday packages Travel apps that offer holiday packages and deals. 304
Travel and Local Taxis Apps that help users book a cab. 305
Travel and Local Car rentals Apps that help users rent cars. 306
Travel and Local Restaurants Apps that help users find and and book restaurants. 308
Travel and Local Event tickets Apps that help users find and and book flight tickets. 309
Travel and Local Luxury Travel Apps offering luxury and premium travel products. 312
Travel and Local Budget Travel Apps offering budget and cheap travel products. 311
Travel and Local Travel Reviews Apps that collate and provide user-created or critic-travel reviews 313
Travel and Local Local business reviews Apps that offer local business reviews. 440
Travel and Local Buses Apps that help users find and and book bus tickets. 441
Travel and Local Trip planning Apps that help plan travel or vacation itineraries or provide travel-related information 316
Travel and Local Wi-Fi Finder Apps that help find free or paid public Wi-Fi hotspots online 394
Utility and tools Photography Apps that enable offline photo editing. 318
Utility and tools Utilities Apps that simplify the user's life. 319
Utility and tools Weather Apps that provide weather-related information across different cities and locations. 320
Utility and tools Personalization Apps that enable customizing and personalizing mobile phones. 321
Utility and tools Memory and Battery optimizer Apps that optimize battery performance and help in memory management 334
Utility and tools Security and Protection Apps that provide real-time anti-virus and anti-theft security, and protection against harmful viruses, malware or spyware. 330
Utility and tools Productivity Apps intended to be used for daily office work. 2
Utility and tools Business Apps that help make business and office work more productive. 1

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