GDPR Guide for Advertisers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, might have implications for your business. The new law creates a framework to protect personal data about individuals in the European Economic Area ( EEA) and must be adhered to by all businesses who collect or process such data.

As a trusted partner of leading brands across the globe, InMobi is committed to data protection and protecting consumer privacy while creating a safe and transparent marketplace for advertisers.

Additionally, InMobi will be conducting tests of our GDPR compliance between now and May 25th, so your campaigns in the EEA may be impacted if you have not yet accepted the new Terms of Service (TOS) when our tests begin.

In light of this, we would like to ensure you are aware of our updated terms; reference to ‘Media Company’ below shall mean InMobi:

  • GDPR: Without limiting the generality of the terms of the agreement, for Advertiser/Agency/Reseller who have users based in EEA, Advertiser/Agency/Reseller acknowledge and agree that your collection, use, sharing and/or treatment of any Personal Data (as such term is defined under the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")) must be in compliance with the requirements of GDPR. If Advertiser/Agency/Reseller whether by itself or through its third parties provide or share with Media Company any Personal Data for users based in EEA, Advertiser/Agency/Reseller will as the Controller (as such term is defined under GDPR) remain responsible for obtaining appropriate user consent and execute a relevant data protection agreement for setting out the terms of Processing (as such term is defined under GDPR) by Media Company. Where you intend to share any EEA user Personal Data as defined under GDPR with Media Company, please share your data protection agreement with us for review. You agree not to share any EEA user Personal Data with Media Company except where such a data protection agreement has been executed.
  • If Advertiser/Agency/Reseller are a GDPR compliant demand partner with Media Company and where you or your third parties (at your behest) are receiving EEA user Personal Data as defined under GDPR from Media Company, you accept the terms of the Data Protection Rider as set out in for the permitted scope of Processing of such Personal Data by you. If you have not accepted the said data protection agreement, Media Company as the Controller will not be in a position to share any such Personal Data with you or your third parties.
  • Where Advertiser/Agency/Reseller require any third party including its trackers on its behalf to either receive from Media Company or share with Media Company, any Personal Data, Advertiser/Agency/Reseller shall remain liable for the acts and omissions of its third parties to the same extent Advertiser/Agency/Reseller would be liable if it were either receiving/sharing such Personal Data from/with Media Company. Accordingly, Advertiser/Agency/Reseller agrees to execute appropriate data processing agreements with such third parties.

We request that you review and accept the updated Terms of Service for each account and each mobile application you manage on InMobi’s Customer Interface (CI).


Complying with InMobi GDPR


All of the following steps are MANDATORY. Advertisers failing to comply will not be considered as GDPR compliant.

Image 1: For advertisers logging in for the first time post May 14, 2018, the GDPR page will be loaded automatically.

Image 2: Post May 14, 2018, a new tab ‘GDPR’ is available under the Account setting page. GDPR settings can be edited here.

  1. Sign in to your account(s) on InMobi and accept the new Terms of Service (TOS) if you haven’t already done so.
  2. If you are signing in for the first time after May 14, 2018, the GDPR Applicability flow will load automatically. If not, please navigate to Account → GDPR Applicability.
  3. Image 3: Follow-up questions are loaded automatically based on the choice(s) selected. If you select “Yes,” for “Great! Are you GDPR compliant?”, an additional question, “Do you accept Inmobi’s Data Protection Rider?” is loaded.

    Image 4: Only if the “Yes” has been selected for both follow-up questions, the advertiser will be noted as GDPR compliant as indicated above.

    Images 5 and 6: Selecting GDPR compliance but not accepting InMobi’s Data Protection Rider would still mean you cannot target EEA users through our platform. You can change the compliance settings at anytime by clicking on the Edit button.

    Images 7 and 8: Advertiser selects “GDPR Compliance is not applicable for my account” along with resulting status.

    • If you service users in the EEA, please select “I have users from the European Union (EU)” option and respond to the questions that follow appropriately.
    • If you do not service users in the EEA, select the option “GDPR compliance does not apply to my account.”


  1. Only if your app(s) are GDPR compliant and InMobi’s Data Protection Rider has been agreed to and signed will your campaigns run in EEA on the InMobi network.
  2. In all other cases, InMobi will be unable to facilitate campaigns targeted to EEA based users for those app(s).

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