Segment Creation Tool

There are two ways in which advertisers can create user segments:

  1. Using InMobi’s Advertiser Segment API
  2. Using InMobi’s Segment Creation Tool

This article guides you on how to create user segments with our new GDPR-compliant Segment Creation Tool.

Step 1: Navigate to Segment Creation tool

Step 2: Enter segment details for the app being promoted

On successful login, Segment Upload form is displayed with options as shown below:

  • PropertyId: - Enter the propertyId as registered with InMobi.
  • Segment Name: - Enter a name for the segment being created. Please make sure to enter a new name. If an existing segment name is entered, an error is shown on clicking Create Segment button.
  • Targeting Options: - Choose one of 3 options (Positive targeting / Suppression, Retargeting or Brand) from the dropdown menu, as per your requirement. See the image below:

After filling in the details, click on Create Segment button.

Step 3: Upload the segment

On successful creation of the segment name, you are provided with the following options to upload the device ID list:

  • Device ID Type: - Select one from the following options:
  • Notification Email Ids: - Specify additional email addresses of people to be notified on the segment status.
  • Choose file: - Upload the file containing the device IDs (new line separated) in .csv format.

After filling in the details, click on Upload button.

On successful upload, a confirmation message is displayed as shown below:

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Last Updated on: 31 Aug, 2020